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[edit] Sins Cause Atheism

  • There are sins that place apostasy within a person and cause damage to his faith.[1]
    • There are also those that have thoughts doubting their faith since they were not born and conceived in proper holiness.[1]
    • People that were conceived in holiness and did not sin, are not bombarded with thoughts of atheism. Even if they overhear conversations of apostasy, it does not interest them at all or confuse them.[1]
    • Someone that has doubts of atheism, should be very embarrassed and have a broken heart; that he was conceived in such physicality or did such bad sins, which caused him to have have doubts against our holy faith and the Glory of Hashem.
    • By feeling this embarrassment and having a broken heart, one breaks and expels the doubts and thoughts of atheism from himself.[1]
    • People that are attracted to Philosophy and repelled by the holy awesome Zohar and Kitvay Arizal which contain sweet and amazing teaching; this stems from their bad nature, since they were born in bad circumstances and can not tolerate true holiness.[2] They also have free choice and the power to break their bad nature but have to suffer great bitterness to do so, since they were born with bad tendencies.[2]

[edit] Atheists Feel Helpless

  • A person with faith can comfort and strengthen himself even as he suffers; that it's for the best, it's serving as an atonement, Hashem will have mercy on him and in the end things will improve either in This World or the Next World.[1]
    • When atheists suffer, they have nowhere to turn and nothing to strengthen and comfort themselves with.[1]

[edit] Limited Minds Cause Questions

  • Most of questions and philosophical calculations of the masses are stupidities and are not questions at all.[1]
    • Often a person will have a question for a long time. Really the question itself is his answer, but since his mind is limited, it seems like a big question to him.[1]
      • Example: A child was asked about a broken glass window; You can replace the broken glass with its adjacent glass, but now birds will enter though that new opening? To the child with his limited mind, it appears like a major question since its answer was included in it. In reality the question itself is the answer; that you do not replace the broken glass with the 2nd one since it will cause birds to fly in.[1]

[edit] Great Atheism Will Come to the World

  • Great atheism will come and descend upon the world. Fortunate will be those that cling to their faith during these times.[3]
    • Despite this warning it will still require large mental battles to remain righteous and have faith. This warning will server as a comfort and strength motivator, when people see this was previously discussed.[3]
    • This came to reality during the ensuing reform movement and communist regime but it is still prevalent today in other ways and who knows what the future holds.[4]
    • During this time, someone who remains a simple righteous person will be considered a novelty like the Baal Shem Tov.[5]

[edit] Speaking Against Tzadikim

  • Often a person is embarrassed to speak out directly against Hashem, so instead he talks badly about the Tzadikim. In truth, his words are directed against Hashem.[6]

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