Window Handles

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Window Handles
Window Handles
Other Names:
Window Handles for Replacement Windows
Replacement window handles can be elegant or simple as they ensure easy window operation.

Many different types of replacement windows operate with handles that allow the homeowner to pull, push, slide or otherwise operate their windows.

Window handles come in a variety of designs, colors, materials and finishes. Homeowners can choose functional designs for their replacement windows or try something more decorative. Choices range from polished brass hardware which can stand out and dress-up the window to a metal or chrome which is functional but may not be particularly inspiring. The quality of the handles is as important as the appearance. The handles take high amounts of stress through repeated use. The handles should be warrantied to not break out or wear out. In addition, cheaper handles make it easier for an intruder to force a window open.


[edit] Window Handle Materials

Interior replacement window handles do not need to resist weather while exterior window handles must be manufactured with a heavier material that will stand up to the rain, snow and other weather elements.

Window materials used for both interior and exterior replacement windows include stainless steel, brass, bronze and chrome.

[edit] Types of Window Handles

Different window handles open replacement windows according to the required opening operation for that particular window application.

[edit] Locking Window Handles

Locking window handles have a spindle which operates the multi-point locks. A spindle locking window handle turns the handle into the lock down the side or the bottom of the window. A keylock which is installed within the handle can be operated with a key to lock the window in place.

[edit] Non-Locking Window Handles

Non-locking spindle handles operate similarly to the locking handles without the locking mechanism.

[edit] Tilt-Turn Window Handles

Tilt-Turn windows require handles that open inwards and tilt down into the room. Some handle models can be locked to stop the window from fully opening internally but at the same time they remain unlocked for tilting. This feature is an important safety feature for homes with children.

[edit] Window Styles

Handles are not needed for vertical or horizontal sliding windows but they are required for replacement windows in which the sash swings inward or outward. These include casements, hopper windows, awning windows and tilt and turn windows.

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