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(Hebrew: / Spelling: Teshuva, Teshuvah / Other Names: / Definition: Repentance in Judaism)


[edit] Repentance

The first step of Teshuva is to regret having sinned. The second step is to leave the sin and commit to never do it again. Third step is to confess to Hashem with words and ask for forgiveness.

[edit] Yom Kipor

Each year most sins are forgiven on Yom Kippor.

Sins committed against other people are not forgiven on Yom Kippor, until one rectifies the damage. These include stealing, were a person must return the stolen object and Embarrassment where a person has to first appease his friend and ask him for forgiveness.

[edit] Teshuvas Hamishkal

Main part of Teshuva is when a person comes back in the same exact situation or a manifestation of it and this time he holds himself back and does not sin.

[edit] Teshuva from Love and Fear

There are two types of Teshuva; Teshuva from fear and Teshuva from love. When a person does Teshuva from fear his molicious sins are turned into accidental sins. When a person does Teshuva from love his sins turn into merits.

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