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[edit] Saba's Age

Saba said that he was with R' Karduner for a total of 5 years until R' Karduner passed away in 1920. This means that Saba met R' Karduner for the first time around 1914-1915 which matches Saba's account of meeting R' Karduner not too long after the beginning of a war in Israel (this was World War I which started in 1914). Both Saba and R' Karduner testified that Saba was an umarried yeshiva bachur living with his parents at the time they first met. According to other information in this article, Saba was 17 when he first met R' Karduner and he married soon afterwards in 1915. If Saba was 17 in 1914-1915 he was born around 1898.

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