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Survivor Windows
 Survivor Windows
Other Names:
Survivor Replacement Windows
Survivor manufactures energy efficient high quality vinyl replacement windows.

Survivor Windows offers a wide range of vinyl window products including low budget and high end versions. Their windows are constructed using computer-controlled glass cutting and four-point fusion welders which ensure weather resistance and durability.


[edit] Survivor Window Styles

Survivor Windows product series include; the 5600 Double Hung, the 7100 complete series of windows, the 7200 Casement series and the Survivor bay and bow windows series.

[edit] Survivor 5600 Windows

Survivor 5600 replacement double hung windows are constructed using quality vinyl framing material which feature miter cut fusion-welded corners to prevent air and water infiltration and enhance the windows' structural integrity. Upper and lower sashes of the double hung windows tilt in for easy cleaning while the integral lift rail and stainless steel constant force balance system provide easy window operation with no needed adjustment. Their sashes close tightly due to the meeting rail interlock which works in conjunction with a polypropylene fin barrier weatherseal for weather resistance and improved thermal performance. A sloped sill contains an interior dam wall which reduces water backup and keeps rainwater from penetrating through the window frame.

Survivor 5600 Series double hung windows are manufactured using insulated glass with a warm edge spacer system for enhanced window thermal performance. Exterior snap-in beads protect the glazing system's perimeter. These windows are secured with recessed tilt latches and a nighttime spring-loaded latch, allowing the window to stay open at night for venting without compromising the home's security. Survivor Series 5600 windows come with deluxe locking half-screens that are made with heavy-duty extruded aluminum frames and fiberglass mesh. Consumers can choose between white or beige coloring.

[edit] Survivor 7100 Windows

Survivor 7100 vinyl replacement windows includes double hung and horizontal sliding windows. These windows offer high quality energy efficiency with 70 millimeter thick vinyl profile extrusions and optional foam filled frame profiles. Their frames are fusion-welded and miter cut which are combine with a warm edge spacer system to ensure an airtight and watertight window unit. A beveled exterior frame offers an attractive window profile which comes in either standard white or optional beige, earthbrown or cream colors. Multiple window units, including bay and bow can be ordered as factory mulled units, creating an easier installation procedure.

[edit] 7200 Casement Windows

Superior's casement and awning windows are high thermal performance units with integral welded sloped sills which reduce water backup through the use of an extended interior dam wall. Perimeter weatherstripping seals fully insulate the area around the sash. Casement sashes are miter cut with fusion-welded corners for enhanced strength and durability. Their sashes can be cranked open to a 90 degree opening, providing full ventilation. Frame exteriors are beveled. Series 7200 casements include insulated glass with a warm edge spacer system and interior snap-in glazing beads which protect the glazing system's perimeter. 7200 casement windows have a heavy-duty rotator hardware that allows homeowners to operate the windows with a simple one-handed operation. A multi-point locking system has multiple locking points to ensure a tight seal and maximum security when the window is fully closed. Casement windows from Superior come with overlap aluminum frame screens and fiberglass mesh. These windows are available in a standard white color or in optional cream or beige.

[edit] 7100 & 7200 Bay/Bow Windows

Survivor 7100 & 7200 series windows are available as three-lite bay window units or three to six-lite bow window units. These windows are constructed using one-inch class A furniture grade birch hardwood veneer plywood. They are fully assembled in the factory for easy on-site installation. Water and air infiltration is prevented through sealed vinyl mullions and exterior vinyl cladding which protects the wood from the elements. A hidden, installed cable hanging system provides added support to the window unit. Units may include any desired combination of double hung windows, casement windowsand picture windows. awning windows and special shape windows can be added for additional architectural focus, daylighting and ventilation. Survivor bay windows are available in 30 or 45 degree setups while the bow windows are available in 10 or 15 degree setups.

[edit] Survivor Special Shape Windows

Survivor Special Shape windows include full circles, half circles, quarter circles, ellipticals, trapizoids, octagons and triangles. These windows are built with vinyl frames which are miter cut and fusion-welded to prevent water and air infiltration and to create a window unit that provides superior structural integrity. Perimeter accessory grooves make it possible to simply and securely mull the special shape windows to any other window, creating bay or bow window unit combinations. Survivor special shape windows offer insulated tempered glazing with a warm edge spacer system.

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