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Superior Windows
Superior Windows
Other Names:
Superior Replacement Windows
Window manufacturer using advanced technology and energy efficient designs, producing replacement windows for many architectural requirements and climate zones.

Superior Replacement Windows manufactures aluminum and vinyl replacement windows which are constructed to provide customers with the highest level of window performance. Superior windows create a wide range of designs and style options and offer energy efficient glazing and framing products. These windows are backed by Superior's full warranty which covers broken or defective glass, window seals and frame materials as well as the labor costs of repairing broken parts.


[edit] Window Styles

Superior Windows aluminum and vinyl windows are available in a wide range of styles including horizontal sliding windows, double hung windows, single hung windows, fixed frame windows, casement windows, special shape windows, awning windows, bay windows, bow windows, garden windows, tilt turn windows and sound control windows.

[edit] Horizontal Sliding Windows

Options for Superior horizontal sliding replacement windows include the Ultima Vinyl slider (Series 5600), the Series 9000 Vinyl sliding windows, the Series 3600 Cornerstone vinyl horizontal sliding windows and the Series 4600 Aluminum horizontal sliding windows.

[edit] Series 5600 Ultima Vinyl Sliding Windows

The Ultima Series 5600 vinyl replacement sliding windows by Superior are a low-maintenance, durable window which is available in standard almond or white colors or in a wider array of designer colors. Homeowners may select a standard size Ultima window or custom order a special size. The Ultima gliding windows feature a unique exterior 3 ¼" frame depth that exhibits even sight lines on the frame's exterior. The frame is made from extruded high impact UV stabilized multi-chamber rigid PVC. The meeting rail and interlock of the frame are reinforced with an aluminum extrusion for additional strength and rigidity. There are also optional retrofit retro fins available. Options include custom hardware finishes, ClimateShield3 high performance glazing and the possibility of having the windows stacked or mulled in the factory.

[edit] Series 9000 Vinyl Sliding Windows

The Series 9000 vinyl sliding windows are Superior Windows' slim frame design which offer maximum daylighting and viewing. The vinyl frames are durable and long-lasting and include options for retro fins which have a 1 3/4″ hollow honeycomb design for replacement window applications. The vinyl frames are UV stabilized, multi-chamber extruded high impact frames which are constructed using rigid PVC. They are available in white, almond or custom colors. The glazing is ¾ " insulated glass and the windows come with a TM warm edge spacer system. Low E3 glazing is available with ClimateShield3 High Energy anti-sun coating. Heavy duty dual concave rollers operate the windows as they ride on a stainless steel axle with continuous integral pull for easy operation. Exclusive custom hardware finishes and factory mulling or stacking are available.

[edit] Series 3600 Cornerstone Vinyl Sliding Windows

The Cornerstone Series 3600 vinyl sliding windows are manufactured specifically for replacement window applications. The windows feature a beveled exterior design which gives them a modern look. Homeowners can choose from a block, block sloped sill or retrofit frame type with a 2 5/8" frame depth and extruded multi-chamber rigid PVC high impact extruded vinyl. The interlock and meeting rail are reinforced with aluminum extrusions for enhanced rigidity and strength. Frames are available in white or almond colors and have a fin seal weatherstripping to protect against air, dust and water infiltration. The Series 4600 vinyl windows are backed by Superior's full lifetime warranty.

[edit] Series 4600 Aluminum Horizontal Sliding Windows

Aluminum windows can sometimes offer a more traditional appearance than vinyl. For homeowners looking for that type of design flexibility, the Superior aluminum Series 4600 sliding windows may be the answer. The windows are manufactured using heavy duty extruded aluminum with a 2 ½" frame depth. Frame types may include nail on, block frames or retrofit frames. Optional fins with interlocking corners are available for retrofit frames. These windows come in in standard or custom sizes and have aluminum frame screens with fiberglass mesh. Superior's fin weatherstripping seal provides protection against the elements. The windows operate on adjustable brass rollers and frame color options include white, bronze or satin anodize. The glazing is ¾" with the Intercept warm edge spacer system.

[edit] Double and Single Hung Windows

The Superior Window vertical sliding replacement window lines include the Ultima Series 5900 vinyl double hung windows, Ultima Vinyl Series 5700 single hung windows, the Series 9001 vinyl single hung windows, the Cornerstone Series 3700 vinyl single hung windows and the Series 4700 aluminum single hung windows.

[edit] Ultima Series 5900 Vinyl Double Hung Windows

Ultima Series 5900 vinyl double hung windows utilize an adjustable spiral balance system to ensure that the windows can operate easily. There are reinforced meeting rails and interlocks for added strength. Homeowners can order standard high quality hardware finishes and either white or almond frames or may choose any of the custom finishes and custom frame colors that Superior Windows offers. Frame options for the Ultima Series 5900 windows include nail on frames, brickmold, block sloped sill, block or retrofit -- the retrofit frame features retro fins with a 1 ¾ " honeycomb hollow design. The windows come with 3/4" insulated glass with an Intercept warm edge spacer system and optional ClimateShield3 high performance Low E3 glazing. The Series 5900 double hung windows include two tilt in operating sashes which tilt in for easy cleaning and additional cross ventilation.

[edit] Ultima Vinyl Series 5700 Single Hung Windows

The Ultima Series 5700 vinyl single hung windows come with multi-chamber, UV stabilized rigid PVC with a 3 ¼" frame depth. The windows are available in standard white or almond colors or any of Superior's custom color options or custom hardware finishes. The exterior design of the Ultima Series 5700 presents even sight lines on the frame's exterior. Frame alternatives including block, block sloped, brickmold, nail on or retrofit frame types. The meeting rails and interlocks on the Series 5700 single hung windows are reinforced with aluminum extrusions and the nail on frame has a 1 ¼" long pre-punched fin for added strength and durability. The windows are covered by Superior's life warranty. The lower sash of the window tiltd in for easy cleaning and the spiral balance system can be adjusted for easy operation.

[edit] Series 9001 Vinyl Single Hung Windows

The Series 9001 Single Hung vinyl window was created specifically for residential use with high ratings for sound suppression which enhance privacy and quiet. The window features a slim frame design for maximum daylighting and viewing along with an optional retrofit frame that has a 1 ¾" retro fin in hollow honeycomb designs. The windows lock securely with the SmartLok, an exclusive Superior product, and energy efficient glazing alternatives include ¾" insulated glass, an Intercept TM warm edge spacer system and optional ClimateShield3 Low E3 coating. The frame depth on the Series 9001 single hung windows is 3 ¼" and frame type options include block, nail on or retrofit. A fin seal weatherstripping provides protection against the weather's elements including dust, air and water infiltration.

[edit] Cornerstone Series 3700 Vinyl Single Hung Windows

Superior Window's Cornerstone Series 3700 is an economical vinyl window alternative with a beveled frame and thin sight lines that provide homeowners with a high quality budget vinyl window. The windows have the traditional Superior extruded multi-chamber rigid PVC and reinforced meeting rails and interlocks that add strength and durability to the window frame. They are available in standard or custom sizes as well as standard or custom frame colors. The windows protect the home from the elements with a fin seal weatherstripping system. They operate easily with a continuous integral pull system.

[edit] Series 4700 Aluminum Single Hung Windows

The Series 4700 aluminum single hung windows by Superior present another budget window alternative with a high level of thermal performance. The Series 4700 windows operate on adjustable brass rollers for easy access and can be installed in nail on, block or retrofit frames. There is also an option to include fins with interlocking corners for added strength in the retrofit frames. The sash moves up and down easily with the block and tackle balance system with a continuous integral pull for easy window operation. There are decorative glass options for the Series 4700 aluminum single hung windows including V-Groove glass, leaded glass, and patterned glass as well as the ClimateShield Low-E glazing for protection from the sun. The frames come in white, bronze and clear satin colors.

[edit] Picture and Special Shape Windows

Superior Window's special shape and fixed frame non operating windows come in a variety of sizes, shapes and framing materials. Superior picture windows include the Series 4600 aluminum picture windows, the Ultima Series 5602 picture windows, the Series 9002 vinyl picture windows and the Series 3604 Cornerstone vinyl picture windows.

[edit] Series 4600 Aluminum Picture Windows

The Series 4600 aluminum picture windows are manufactured using heavy duty extruded white, bronze or satin anodized aluminum. There are an assortment of glass options including energy efficient insulated glass with an Intercept warm edge spacer system and leaded, V-Groove and patterned glazing alternatives. The windows are available as rectangles, full, half and quarter rounds, squares with a protruding angle from one angle (rakes), full, half and quarter arches, cathedral arches, octagons, parallelograms, radius, double open half circles and hexagons.

[edit] Ultima Series 5602 Vinyl Picture Windows

The Superior Ultima Series 5602 vinyl picture windows offer an attractive exterior design with even sight lines in white or almond standard colors or any of the Superior custom color options. The windows are built with extruded high impact multi-chamber rigid PVC and may be factory stacked or mulled. The Ultima vinyl picture windows are energy efficient window products with a high quality Intercept warm edge spacer system and ¾" insulated glass. They are backed by Superior Windows full lifetime warranty.

[edit] Series 9002 Vinyl Picture Windows

The Series 9002 vinyl picture windows are specifically crafted for sound protection. They feature a slim profile for maximum daylighting and even sight lines which present an attractive architectural focus. Homeowners can add optional ClimateShield3 Low E3 glazing to the windows for added energy performance. The vinyl frames are strengthened by the multi-chamber rigid PVC material which presents a 3 ¼" frame depth. Windows may be factory stacked or mulled and are available in a wide variety of standard sizes as well as in special sizes. The 9002 Series offers picture windows in a variety of geometric shapes including rectangles, full, half and quarter rounds, full, half and quarter arches, squares with a protruding angle from one angle (rakes),cathedral arches, parallelograms, octagons, radius, double open half circles and hexagons.

[edit] Series 3604 Cornerstone Vinyl Picture Windows

The Cornerstone line of Superior windows is a budget vinyl window line that provides good quality and efficient energy performance. The frames are beveled for a modern look and are available as block, block sloped sill or retrofit frame types. Retro fins are available on the retrofit frame with a 1 ¾" dual wall design. The 3604 Series of Cornerstone windows offer optional ClimateShield high performance Low E3 glazing as well as standard ¾" insulated glass units with an Intercept warm edge spacer system.

[edit] Casement Windows

Superior windows offers two casement/awning window options, the Series 700 vinyl casement windows and the Series 4100 aluminum casement windows.

[edit] Series 700 Vinyl Casement and Awning Windows

The Series 700 vinyl awning and casement windows may be installed singly or in conjunction with other windows to present any type of desired window unit. The windows are available as either inswing or outswing casements and can be used in conjunction with Superior vinyl sliding windows, single or double hung windows or picture window styles. The windows display an exterior beveled design and are miter cut and fusion welded to strengthen the entire frame unit. The multipoint locking bars have swing cam latches and hinges. Stainless steel hardware is standard for both the hinges and the window's operator. The windows may be mulled or factory stacked in a variety of combinations and are available in either standard (white or almond) or custom sizes and framing colors. An optional SuperiorView insect screen features a tight fiberglass screen mesh to allow a clear view and a continuous pull rail for easy removal.

[edit] Series 4100 Aluminum Casement Windows

The Superior aluminum series 4100 casement and awning windows are available as inswing or outswing windows and can be installed singly, side-by-side, flanking a picture window or in any other desired combination. Homeowners can choose from white, bronze or clear satin frames with an integral mountain flange which provides simple, accurate installation in metal stud or wood frame construction. There is also an option for an integral retrofit flange for simple installation in stucco walls. When tested with ClimateShield3 high performance glazing the windows offer a superior solar heat gain coefficient. Other glazing options include leaded decorative glass, V-Groove glass and patterned glass.

[edit] Bay and Bow Windows

Superior aluminum and vinyl windows are manufactured with the option of combining any of the Superior windows to form a three-window bay window or a four- or five-window bow window. Window combinations may include picture windows, single hung or double hung windows and casement windows as component windows of the bay or bow unit. Superior's awning windows and special shape windows may also be included into a bay or bow window unit. The superior bay and bow windows are factory assembled for easy installation. Homeowners may choose to install stain grade head and seat boards within the interior angles of the window.

[edit] Garden Windows

Superior's vinyl garden windows provide a 16” sill depth into which the homeowner can place plants or decorations. The adjustable shelf is constructed using tempered safety glass and the operable side windows open for ventilation. There are three frame styles for easy garden window installation within a variety of wall conditions. The retrofit frame presents a continuous and extended finished interior wall and the window is fully assembled in the factory for easy installation. The Superior garden windows are available in standard or custom sizes and are backed by Superior's full Lifetime Warranty

[edit] Tilt Turn Windows

The vinyl tilt and turn windows by Superior are fusion-welded, multi-chamber frame designs which combine with Superior’s warm edge spacer system to present an energy-efficient window application. The multi-chamber vinyl profiles offer structural integrity as they combine with multiple layers of full surround compression weatherstripping to help block out weather elements including wind and water. The tilt turn Superior windows have precision mitered fusion welded corners to provide extra weather resistance and structural strength. They are suitable for upper stories, including apartment buildings, of up to 10 stories in height. The builder can frame to call size using the pre-punched integral mounting flange which targets the proper fastener location. The tilt turn vinyl windows are low maintenance windows.

[edit] Silent Guard Sound Resistant Windows

Superior offers the Silent Guard window alternative that is specifically constructed to reduce noise penetration. These windows are suitable for areas in which sound pollution is significant, including near train and subway lines, airports, schools and sports arenas. The windows suppress sound while delivering thermal efficiency and an aesthetic appearance. Silent Guard windows are vinyl frame windows.

[edit] Energy Efficiency

The goal of Superior Windows involves providing customers with energy-efficient, virtually maintenance-free window products that are attractive and help to lower their energy bills. Energy efficient enhancements include the option to order windows with double panes, triple panes, a Low E coating. The standard warm edge spacer, weatherstripping systems and high quality framing materials reduce heat transfer from the windows' glass perimeter. In addition, Superior is committed to green technology, evidenced by its low trim waste output and scrap and glass recycling.

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