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Simonton Windows
Simonton Windows
Other Names:
Simonton Replacement Windows
Simonton offers a broad range of vinyl windows to fit any window application or climate need.

Simonton Windows offers quality vinyl windows in a range of colors, sizes, shapes and styles. These windows meet or exceed Energy Star qualifications for superior energy efficiency and performance. Simonton's eleven product lines ensure that each homeowner can find the replacement window alternative that meets the home's architectural design, style requirement and criteria for energy efficiency and weather resistance.


[edit] Simonton Window Styles

The Simonton Window company manufactures double hung and single hung windows, single, double and three-lite horizontal sliding windows, a horizontal roller sliding window for storm resistance, casement windows, special shape windows, fixed frame windows, awning windows, garden windows, bay windows and bow windows.

[edit] Simonton Product Lines

There are eleven Simonton product lines including Reflections, Asure, Impressions, Storm Breaker Plus, Pro Finish Brickmould Series, Pro Finish, Prism, Daylight Max, Modeira, Verona, and Vantage Pointe window collections.

[edit] Reflections by Simonton

The Reflections 5500 series of vinyl double hung, slider, casement, awning and picture windows presents window alternatives with classic frame designs together with a high performance glazing package. The windows are manufactured using standard ProSolar Low E glazing with an argon gas fill which is pumped in between the panes of the window. Reflections windows may be manufactured with double or triple panes. Laminated glass is an option for dampening sound penetration and enhanced security. Interior color options for Reflections windows include antique cherry, contemporary oak or maple while exterior color options include brick, bronze, chocolate, cream, pine, driftwood or tan. There are premium options for hardware finishes such as brushed nickel, oil-rubbed bronze, dark bronze, polished brass and pine as well as standard order hardware finishes which include white, tan, driftwood and dark bronze.

[edit] Asure by Simonton

The Simonton Asure windows include double hung windows, horizontal sliding windows, picture windows and geometric (special shape) windows. The window frames come in white or tan colors and feature a narrow frame which permits more sunlight to stream into the room while opening up the window for wider viewing. An exterior stepped frame protects against the weather's elements. Simonton's advanced glazing packages ensure energy efficiency. The Asure windows include the Intercept spacer as a standard accompaniment to the windows and homeowners can choose the ProSolar Low E glass package as an additional, optional energy saving element.

[edit] Impressions by Simonton

The Impressions 9800 line of Simonton windows feature a chamfered profile with high performance glazing packages and designer options. Impressions window styles include double hung windows, horizontal sliding windows, casement windows, awning windows and fixed frame windows. The ProSolar Low E glazing is standard on the Impressions windows which are either double or triple-paned and include an argon gas fill. Customers may request laminated glass for enhanced security and sound protection on Impressions windows. Standard hardware finishes are white and tan while premium hardware finishes are brushed nickel, oil-brushed bronze, dark bronze and polished brass.

Homeowners can choose Impressions window interior colors from a choice of antique cherry, maple or contemporary oak and exterior colors from a selection that includes brick, bronze, chocolate, cream, pine, driftwood and tan.

[edit] Storm Breaker Plus by Simonton

The StormBreaker Plus 300VL line of Simonton windows are impact resistant double hung, horizontal roller, casement, awning or picture windows which are specially manufactured for hurricane-prone areas. Their special construction helps to withstand high winds and wind-driven debris. They are energy efficient and are set in an attractive beveled frame. Laminated glass provides safety and security and also reduces sound intrusions. The Storm Breaker Plus windows feature Simonton's Super Spacer as a standard item and customers can choose from among several glazing packages. Exterior color options include tan, white and bronze and standard hardware finishes are white or tan with a premium bronze hardware option.

[edit] Brickmould Series by Simonton

The Series 600 Brickmould line encompasses double hung windows, sliding windows, casement windows, awning windows and picture windows. Brickmould windows present the look of traditional wood windows and include designer options and the high performance glazing packages of ProSolar Low E glazing with an argon gas fill. The ProSolar Shade Low E is available as an optional glazing alternative. Homeowners can choose from a number of styling options, exterior colors (brick, bronze, chocolate, cream, pine, driftwood and tan) and interior dark and light woodgrains. Customers can choose from a standard white or driftwood hardware finish or brushed nickel, oil-rubbed bronze, dark bronze or polished brass premium hardware shades. The Simonton SafePoint glass is laminated for sound protection and security.

[edit] Pro Finish by Simonton

Pro Finish special shape, single hung, casement and awning windows are Simonton's Master series which feature a R-50 level thermal insulating rating and an attractive beveled frame for superior window performance. The windows are suitable for use with storm shutters and the Intercept spacer system is standard to help save energy costs. Simonton's Pro-Solar Low E glazing package delivers top quality energy performance. Homeowners can mix and match the windows to create any preferred window unit. Hardware colors include white, tan and driftwood as well as the premium line of polished brass. Any of the Simonton grilles are suitable for the Pro Finish window line.

[edit] Prism by Simonton

Prism Platinum windows, including double hung windows, sliding windows, casement windows, awning windows and picture windows are a classic framed window design that combines multiple options and styles to create any desired appearance. The windows are durable, energy efficient and weather resistant. Prism Platinum windows are available in a variety of shades including maple, antique cherry and contemporary oak interiors and brick, bronze, chocolate, cream, pine, driftwood or tan exteriors. The Prism windows feature ProSolar Low E glazing which is coated on the multi-pane windows. The windows have argon gas fills pumped in-between the panes for added thermal insulation. Laminated glazing is an option for increased safety and more sound insulation. Hardware for the Prisim window line is available in standard white, tan or driftwood or premium polished brass, dark bronze, oil-rubbed bronze or brushed nickel.

[edit] Daylight Max by Simonton

For designs that require windows that feature enhanced daylighting, the Daylight Max Simonton windows may be the answer. The frames of the Daylight Max windows are narrower than those of most replacement windows to ensure maximum energy efficiency which helps in the reduction of heating and cooling costs. The ProSolar Shade Low E glass is standard on Daylight Max windows which are multi-pane windows with argon gas fills for optimum energy efficiency. Glazing alternatives include decorative glass options. Customers can choose from a wide range of exterior and interior frame colors. Exterior colors include brick, bronze, chocolate, cream, pine, espresso, adobe, tan and driftwood and the hardware finishes are either white or tan as standard colors or satin nickel, dark bronze or polished brass as premium colors. Daylight Max windows are available in a number of popular styles such as single hung, slider, casement, awning and picture windows.

[edit] Madeira by Simonton

Replacement windows in the Madeira line of Simonton windows are available as single hung, slider, picture and special shape windows. Exterior color options include brick, bronze, chocolate, cream, espresso, tan, driftwood and pine and hardware colors include white or tan standard colors or satin nickel, dark bronze or polished brass premium colors. Madeira windows are especially suitable for traditional and classic frame home designs and are specifically designed as energy efficient windows. Glazing alternatives include decorative glass. The ProSolar Low E glass with an argon gas fill in-between the multi-panes is a standard component of a Madeira window order while ProSolar Shade Low E glass and Eco# triple-pane glass packages are also available as special orders.

[edit] Verona by Simonton

The Verona replacement window line involves single hung windows, sliding windows, special shape windows and picture windows. The windows are low maintenance and energy efficient with a 3/4" insulating glass unit, double glazing and a warm-edge Intercept spacer system that combine to lower energy costs and keep the home comfortable throughout the year. The ProSolar Low E glass coating is optional. Hardware is available in white or tan shades.

[edit] Vantage Point by Simonton

Vantage Point 6500 series window line offers one of Simonton's largest color selection and styling options. The Vantage Point windows combine a classical appearance of a contoured frame with the traditional appearance of wood windows which, along with popular styling options, create a high quality window option. The windows include multi-pane glazing with argon gas fill and ProSolar Low E glass coating as a standard item while ProSolar Shade Low E and triple pane glazing alternatives are optional. Laminated glass provides heightened sound insulation and security. Interior color options include antique cherry, contemporary oak, maple and amber oak while exterior color options are brick, bronze, chocolate, cream, pine, driftwood and tan. Homeowners may order Vantage Pointe double hung windows, slider, casement, awning and picture windows.

[edit] Energy Efficiency

Simonton windows are tested to the advanced American Architectural Manufacturers Association (AAMA) Gold Label Certification Program. The Gold Certification is AAMA’s highest level of testing which tests windows for thermal performance as well as water, air and structural integrity. Simonton Windows is an Energy Star partner, committed to meeting the criteria of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and the U.S. Department of Energy to help conserve energy and reduce cooling and heating costs by ensuring that Simonton windows meet the regionally specific Energy Star criteria. Simonton's glazing packages meet the energy requirements for each climate zone – North-Central, Northern, Southern and South-Central. These glass packages utilize insulating glass units which are coated with Low E coating, have argon gas fills between the multi-pane glazing panels and utilize durable spacer systems which reduce the transfer of heat and cold. The Low E also blocks ultraviolet rays to protect carpets, draperies, furnishing and artwork from fading. When an order is placed Simonton will match the glazing package to the requirements of the climate as indicated.

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