Shraga Landesman

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Shraga Landesman
Shraga Landesman
Israeli Artist:
Artist, sculptor and photographer
Shraga Landesman is a Judaica artist, designer and photographer specializing in images of birds, creating pieces that look similar to ancient artifacts.

Shraga Landesman is an Israeli Judaica artist and designer who lives and works in Haifa. He is also an accomplished photographer of birds, and uses bird themes in his small sculptures combined with ancient motifs to connect with the history and culture of the area.


[edit] Background

Shraga Landesman an artist, designer, sculptor, and photographer was born in Israel in 1954 and now lives and works in Haifa. He studied painting and sculpture at Oranim College of Art, Kiryat Tivon, north-east of Haifa. Afterwards Shraga studied at Tel-Hai College, in the Upper Galilee on the northern border of Israel.

Both of these campuses are surrounded by natural beauty with wonderful views of the countryside and are on the seasonal bird migration path from Europe to Africa. This makes Israel a wonderful place for bird watching and as a boy Shraga spent a lot of time bird watching around the Kenneret (Sea of Galilee). This fascination with birds comes out in both his small sculptures and his photography. After leaving Tel Hai, Landsman traveled extensively in Europe which exposed him to Western culture in all its variety and complexity. Returning to Israel Shraga then continued his artistic studies at Haifa University, where he specialized in small sculptures.

[edit] Medium

Much of Landesman’s work is in cast metal or laser-cut anodized metal mostly using aluminum. To increase his skills further, Shraga Landesman studied to be a gold and silversmith. This enabled him to offer his work in a wide variety of other metals including brass and pewter as well as gold and silver. He produces a wide range of Judaica items from ritual objects like menorahs and Passover Seder plates to limited edition pieces like his Torah crown and mantel (Torah cover). Shraga also makes unusual pieces for the home from cast aluminum coffee tables and chairs to mirrors and lamps.

[edit] Themes

Shraga takes a lot of his themes from nature, and images of birds proliferate in his work. Landesman also uses his interest in the archeology, culture and history of the region, both Jewish and Canaanite to create his distinctive Judaica. Inspired spiritually by the Bible, Shraga Landesman’s work often resembles ancient artifacts found in Israeli museums. He commonly uses an ancient form of Hebrew script on his Judaica when quoting verses from the scriptures, as a way of connect to the lost world of the past. Apart from themes of birds Shraga Landesman also puts traditional images of olive branches, pomegranates, and wheat in his art.

[edit] Photography

Shraga Landesman is an accomplished bird photographer. His pictures capture the life of birds in amazing detail. He has pictures of birds ready to take off, birds in mid-flight with their wings outstretched and kingfishers catching their prey. Shraga has even managed to capture pictures of birds with a fish, mouse or even a fly in its beak and mother birds feeding their chicks.

[edit] Exhibitions

Landesman had his first exhibition in 1993 and has been widely exhibited in Europe and North America. Shraga Landsman’s Judaica can be seen in Jewish museums and Judaica shops around the world and is available online.

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