Self Cleaning Glass Windows

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Self-Cleaning Glass
Self-Cleaning Glass Windows
Other Names:
Self-Clean Windows, Titania Windows
Windows with self-cleaning glass installed in hard-to-reach locations.

Self-cleaning glass windows allow homeowners to install them in hard-to-reach locations with the assurance that cleaning the interior or exterior of the window will not present any difficulty.


[edit] Self-Cleaning Glass

Self-cleaning glass offers a solution that allows homeowners to successfully clean any replacement windows which are installed in difficult-to-access areas of the house. Self-cleaning glass is based on glass coatings which clean the glass using water droplets. Dirt is broken down on the surface of the glass and this debris is then washed away by water droplets.

[edit] Types of Windows

Self-cleaning glass is particularly applicable for window applications which are difficult for the homeowner to access. These may include both operating windows and fixed windows which are located on second or third stories where the exterior is only accessible by ladder.

In addition to non-operating windows, other window that are generally installed in out of reach locations may require self-cleaning glass including clerestory windows, above-eye-level hopper windows or awning windows, arch windows, round tops, attic windows, dormer windows, gable windows, skylight windows and roof lantern cupola windows.

[edit] Titania

Titania is a microscopic coating with a unique dual-action that is most frequently used in the manufacture of self-cleaning glass. The first stage of a titania coating involves the "photocatalytic" stage in which the coating reacts with UV light to break down organic dirt. The process subsequently reduces both organic and inorganic dirt's adherence to the glass.

The second stage of the self-cleaning process involves the "hydrophilic" stage in which rainwater hits the glass and spreads out evenly, forming a sheet which runs off and picks up loosened dirt particles as it runs off. When the window dries, there are no remaining streaks.

[edit] Availability

Titania coatings for self cleaning glass can be applied to replacement windows while the windows are being manufactured or afterward, as a coating which is applied to an already-built window.

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