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Pella Windows
Pella Windows
Other Names:
Pella Replacement Windows
Pella offers high quality wood, fiberglass and vinyl frame windows to meet any style or budget requirements.

Pella Windows builds top quality wood, fiberglass and vinyl replacement windows which offer custom shapes, sizes, exterior colors and energy efficiently. Pella's product lines of replacement windows have options for any required taste, budget, size or style. Customers can choose from vinyl, fiberglass or wood frames, all of which offer a custom style, durability and energy efficiency. Free in-home consultations are available with trained Pella consultants who will be able to provide a homeowner with an overview of the window design that best suits their individual needs.


[edit] Construction

The construction process at Pella includes testing all window products under harsh conditions including hot sun, salt air, acid rain, extreme hot and cold temperatures, excessive humidity, high winds and driving rain. The company also tests for water and air infiltration and structural strength during the manufacturing process. All Pella windows and many window components are completely assembled in the Pella factory so no parts or pieces need to be put together at the job site. This ensures a weathertight seal for all replacement window products.

[edit] Window Styles

The Pella replacement window options include The Architect, Proline and the Designer Series of wood and wood clad windows, the Impervia Series of fiberglass windows and the 350 and Encompass series of vinyl windows.

[edit] Architect Series

Pella's Architect Series of replacement windows features fine wood details to add an architectural focus to both a home's exterior and interior. The windows are build with a variety of woods including mahogany, alder, douglas fir, white oak, pine, cherry, red oak or maple. These wood frames are protected by the Pella EnduraGuard triple wood protection which provides a shield against stains, moisture, decay, mold and mildew and termite damage.

Pella Architect Line windows can be purchased in standard or special shapes including extra wide, extra tall, curved or angled frames. The windows are available in large sizes or can be custom build for custom sizes or shapes. The HurricaneShield impact-resistant glazing of the Pella Architect Series replacement windows resists noise, intruders and extreme weather such as wind, water and flying debris in hurricane-prone regions. The windows include laminated glass which cannot be easily broken or, if broken, penetrated.

Interior wood shades include natural, Early American, Golden Oak, Provincial, Walnut, Cherry and dark and red mahogany.

The Architect Series windows include awning, double hung, single hung, tilt turn, inswing and outswing casement windows and special shape custom windows.

[edit] Designer Series

The Designer Series of Pella windows includes Pella's snap-in technology that features between-the-glass shades, blinds, decorative panels and grilles. A hinged glass panel swings open to make changing snap-in between-the-glass window treatments easy to put in and take out. The advantage of this feature is that blinds, shades and other window treatments can stay clean and dust-free, an important consideration for reducing allergy-causing mites and pollens in the air. The between-the-glass option also ensures that cords for these accessories will not interfere with foot traffic in the house, offering a safer environment for children and pets.

The Designer series is Pella's highest performing window for energy saving efficiency. Triple panes are available in Designer Series Pella replacement windows, the industry's only wood frames with triple pane options. These panes offer increased energy efficiency and block up to 97% of the sun's ultra-violet rays. The triple pane option for the Designer Series windows reduces noise penetration by up to 80% and save 31% on heating and cooling costs.

Pella’s EnduraGuard triple wood protection system provides advanced protection against decay, moisture, stains, mold and mildew as well as protection from termite damage. The wood frame may be constructed from any of the Pella wood options including mahogany, douglas fir, maple, aldar, pine, oak or cherry, The exterior is clad with Pella's EnduraClad protective cladding which is available in any of 12 standard colors or additional custom colors. The cladding resists fading and chalking. Awning, fixed frame, casement and double hung windows are available through the Pella Designer Series. The sash of a Designer Series casement window moves toward the center of the frame for easier cleaning.

[edit] Pella Proline

The Pella Proline Series of wood windows is Pella's moderate priced line of wood windows which includes all of the Pella standard energy efficient features and convenient operation. The series offers a variety of window styles, options and features.

Pella's Proline wood clad windows are built with wood frames that can be stained, painted or primed according to the homeowner's request. They are protected by Pella's EnduraGuard triple wood protection which resists mold, mildew, stains, moisture, decay and damage from termites.

There is a choice of eight aluminum-clad EnduraClad exterior cladding alternatives which provide a low-maintenance exterior for the proline replacement windows. The windows offer fold-away casement handles and high transparency screens. Proline wood windows are available in a wide range of standard shapes, styles and sizes and may be custom ordered to fit other sizes and shapes. The sizes are available in increments of ¼".

The Proline Series of Pella windows meets or exceeds Energy Star standards throughout the United States which, together with the InsulShield glazing, presents a range of energy-saving glazing alternatives.

Homeowners can buy awning, casement or double-hung Proline wood clad replacement Pella windows as well as fixed frame and special shape windows. The windows may be installed singly or together, side-by-side or as bay or bow window units. Head and seat boards are a standard part of a Proline bay or bow window order.

[edit] Pella Impervia

The Pella Impervia line of fiberglass windows offers durable replacement window frames which are impervious to all weather conditions and provide exceptional energy efficiency. The Impervia windows by Pella display the look of a painted wood window that combines with the sturdiness of a fiberglass frame.

Pella's Impervia windows are made from Duracast, the five-layer, engineered fiberglass composite that is produced by Pella. This material withstands high heats and subzero colds. The Impervia frames won't shrink or turn brittle in subzero cold and won't warp or sag in high heat.

Pella Impervia windows feature a durable powder-coat finish that creates an appearance that replicates that of painted wood. The frames come as prefinished frames in white, brown or tan. There is an option for dual-color frames, with one color on the inside and a different color on the outside. An optional InView high-transparency screen is available to allow increased amounts of light and ventilation into the house through the open window.

Pella's Impervia fiberglass windows meet Energy Star qualifications for all 50 States. The durable frames are covered with a factory powder-coat which doesn't need any type of painting or refinishing to maintain a fresh appearance.

Pella's Impervia windows are available in a wide range of styles including gliding windows, double hung windows, special shape windows, single hung windows, fixed frame windows, casement windows and awning windows. The sturdy fiberglass frames allow the windows to be installed as large sized applications including as bay or bow window units.

[edit] 350 Series

Homeowners who are looking for a lower-cost window alternative will find quality and energy efficiency in Pella's 350 Series vinyl windows. The Pella vinyl 350 Series windows are stronger and more durable than other vinyl windows. Triple panes are available for extra thermal performance and the windows' welded corners ensure resistance to all weather conditions as they resist warping and twisting which often occurs in other vinyl windows over time.

Pella's sound control glazing reduces noise penetration by up to 88% in the Series 350 windows which feature HurricaneShield impact-resistant glass. The glazing meets stringent building code requirements of hurricane-prone areas.

The 350 Series windows are available as double hungs, single hungs, casements, awning, sliders, fixed frames and special shape windows. The triple pane 350 Series vinyl windows minimize drafts up to three times better than the industry standard and, in conjunction with the Low E coating they protect the house from extreme temperatures and block 96% of the sun's ultra-violet rays. The vinyl windows are built with insulating air chambers which increase energy efficiency. An optional foam insulation is available which increases the windows' thermal performance. Metal reinforcers are built into the vinyl frames to strengthen the frames which include 61% more vinyl than other brands for durability and enhanced insulation.

[edit] Encompass

Pella's most competitively-priced windows, the Encompass line of vinyl windows, offers quality craftsmanship and styles and options that can fit almost any replacement window budget. The windows present a solid color, energy efficient window alternative that is requires no maintenance. Homeowners can install grilles or blinds between the multi-pane glazing panes for maintenance free window treatments that allow for a smooth, easily-cleaned window surface.

Encompass window products offer the energy-efficient options that meet or exceed Energy Star guidelines along with a multi-chambered window sash that is fully welded to improve the strength and thermal performance of the windows. The sashes are steel-reinforced for enhanced energy efficiency and security which also provide additional wind resistance. The windows operate on an Advanced Balance System to insure that they will open and close easily.

Encompass Pella windows are available in single hung, double hung, slider, casement, awning and fixed frame styles.

[edit] Screens

Pella windows come with standard fiberglass screens. Optional Rolscreen screens roll up out of sight when the homeowner is not using them.

[edit] Grilles

Pella's Integral Light Technology grilles are available with all Pella window products. These grilles may be installed within a double pane window or snap into the exterior of a double pane frame. Another option includes snapping the grille in-between the panes of a triple-pane frame by opening the third, mobile frame which swings open.

[edit] Hardware

Pella offers a large collection of hardware styles and finishes including Rocky Mountain Hardware which is crafted in solid bronze with hand-applied finishes.

[edit] Glazing

Pella's windows include double or triple panes of glazing with an argon gas fill which adds insulation and protects the house from the weather. On a triple pane window one of the panes can snap open and closed so that window treatments, including shades, blinds and grilles, can snap in between the glass panes.

The glass is coated with Low-E glass coatings to reflect heat energy, including reflecting heat energy back into the room in the wintertime and away from the home in the summertime. The Low E blocks ultra-violet rays to prevent damage to home furnishings and window treatments.

Pella windows feature different combinations of glass and thermal breaks which add an increased separation between the inside and the outside.

[edit] Energy Efficiency Features

Pella windows meet or exceed Energy Star qualifications to lower heating and cooling costs, enhance a home's comfort and block most of the sun's UV rays to prevent fading. The Pella products include the energy-efficient options that meet or exceed Energy Star guidelines in all 50 states.

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