Nursing Home Abuse

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Nursing Home Abuse occurs when physical, mental or emotional harm is caused to an individual who is under care in a nursing home facility. National and local authorities recognize the proliferation of this type of mistreatment, also termed "nursing home mistreatment".

Nursing Home Abuse takes place in facilities which tend to the needs of residents who rely on the staff to take care of their needs. This type of abuse can also occur in homes where families abuse a disabled person but Nursing Home Abuse is often more difficult to identify because it occurs in an institution where there is generally less supervision and a higher ratio of caretaker to patient care.

Social agencies and activists who advocate for the rights and well-being of the elderly and disabled focus attention on the issue of Nursing Home Abuse. They encourage local governments and individuals to take action on both family and community levels to prevent incidences of Nursing Home Abuse. Since many of the abused individuals cannot speak up for themselves, others must advocate for their rights and well-being.

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