Nathan Brutsky

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Nathan Brutsky
Nathan Brutsky
נתן ברוצקי
Israeli painter, sculpture and art designer.

Natan Brutsky brings a unique and original style to the Israeli art scene by harmonizing expressions of life and joy.


[edit] Background

Nathan Brutsky was born in Kiev in 1963. While he was still a child his father recognized his talents and encouraged his son to devote several hours daily to his art studies and artistic expressions. Natan drew and painted on his own and also studied at a local Art School. While studying at the Kiev College of Industrial design he further defined his unique pattern which combines fanciful drawings and paintings with fragments of authenticity. Natan moved to Israel in 1991 with his family. Once in Israel he started to experiment with reviving the styles of specific early 20th century European artists. This style is an original form of expression which combines realism with imagery using contemporary techniques of expression.

Nathan worked as a graphic designer, architectural designer, and book illustrator throughout the years. His professional work was concentrated on home and synagogue interior designs. Simultaneously he developed his own artistic style and technique, refining them to their present form.

[edit] Subject

Nathan creates complex compositions which include multiple elements in each painting. In his paintings Natan’s subjects lounge, dance, play instruments and games and engage in an existence which can best be described as a “joie de vivre.” From the neck downward Brutsky’s subjects are carefully constructed with long flowing clothes and bright, vibrant trimmings including instruments, furnishings and surroundings. From the neck up Brutsky portrays his subjects as long-necked bird-like creatures who thrill to life’s simple pleasures. Some of his images do not have any head at all, but their actions are indicated by the way that Nathan paints their body's movements, postures and even the tilt of their head, which is unseen and covered by a hat.

[edit] Techniques

Nathan creates stained glass, lamps, and murals but he is best known for his oil on canvas painting. Each painting displays a combination of harmony, color and energy. The painting's textures are refined and balanced. Each human figure imbues lightness and joy.

Natan’s background as a graphic designer comes through in his attention to the details of his painting as he portrays his subjects as fun-loving and delightful creatures. He delicately combines energetic lines and colorful hues to create a feeling of calmness, bliss and vibrant energy. Nathan aims to use the power of expression to make the viewer happy and delighted by the painting’s message of delight.

[edit] Exhibitions

Nathan Brutsky exhibits in galleries throughout Israel including AviramFine Art, Steve Jarrett Gallery and the Sher Gallery.


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