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Loewen Windows manufactures a full line of premium windows built from Douglas fir

Loewen Windows produces wood windows in which the wood, metal and glass meld together to produce an energy efficient, attractive window. The windows are available with an optional extruded aluminum cladding.


[edit] Loewen Windows

Loewen Windows offers a window profile that is strong and durable and is capable of supporting all window sizes, including large sizes. The windows produced by Loewen are all-wood windows which provide features that make the windows attractive window solutions to homeowners throughout the country. Aluminum exterior cladding, available in a wide range of colors, is an optional addition to the Loewen wood windows.

[edit] Loewen Windows' Considerations

When considering Loewen replacement windows homeowners can review the elements of the Loewen window lines which create a strong, durable, attractive energy efficient wood window. These enhancements present a high-performing window product which allows homeowners to custom-tailor a Loewen replacement window to their own personal needs.

[edit] Aesthetics

Loewen replacement windows have a profiled sash edge which offers a finished look and integrates with optional divided lites. The windows fit cleanly into existing window openings to reduce the need for any exposed exterior caulking which can be seen on the glass surfaces. The windows are built with natural clear Douglas fir, a strong and rigid wood. This type of wood provides homeowner with the ability to stain or paint the interior and exterior of the window frame and sash in any desired color. The bottom rail of the window is tall to create a custom architectural look which is reminiscent of traditional joinery and enhances the window's structural stability and strength.

[edit] Structural Performance

The Loewen windows feature a laminated sash which presents a heightened structural stability along with a tight weather seal. The standard dual seal ensures a long hermetic seal life as the secondary weatherstrip deflects wind-driven rain from the primary seal while the triple seal glazing system on metal clad units blocks moisture infiltration effectively. The windows are manufactured using an authentic stile and rail construction which does not include miters and the Loewen replacement windows' structural stability is enhanced by mortise and tenon sash corner joints. A venting channel allows built-up condensation to escape to increase the lifetime of the seal and sash.

[edit] Energy Efficiency

Any metal contained in Loewen replacement windows' construction does not connect with the glazing unit which ensures improved energy efficiency. Homeowners may order the windows with an optional extruded aluminum cladding, available in a wide range of colors. This cladding guarentees exterior weather resistance and creates a no-maintenance window exterior. The airspace between the wood and the window's cladding allows for increased air circulation and adds insulating value.

[edit] Window Features

The range of Loewen window features ensure that homeowners can count on their replacement window to offer a long-lasting efficient window product.

[edit] Douglas Fir and Mahogany Woods

Loewen replacement windows are built from Douglas fir which is a tightly grained wood that is tough and resilient. The wood resists moisture absorption, decay and insect infestation. Douglas fir is treated with a wood preservative/water repellent sealant before its assembly. Mahogany wood frames are available as a special order.

[edit] Loewen Cladding

Loewen replacement windows can be ordered with an extruded aluminum cladding which protects the exterior window frame and eliminates the need for annual painting or staining. The cladding resists denting, retains its shape and lasts longer than many other framing options including roll-formed aluminum frames. Loewen windows are produces with a unique gap that sets the cladding away from the underlying wood. This system creates an air space that will minimize damage from moisture while improving the windows' ultimate thermal performance. The Loewen aluminum cladding enhances colorfast paint performance with its cladding substrate that delivers environmental durability, allows extrusion detailing and withstands serious impacts. The cladding is malleable and can be used on all of the Loewen replacement windows including windows of various sizes, shapes and styles.

[edit] Cladding Colors

Loewen's clad replacement windows are marketed in a wide range of extruded aluminum exterior colors which can stand up to direct sunlight, acidic pollutants and extreme temperature variations.

[edit] Casing and Brickmould

Loewen replacement windows present a variety of attractive trims including factory-applied brickmould trim and a choice of solid or laminated fir trims.

[edit] Glazing

Glazing features of Loewen replacement windows include 1/8" double strength glass. This is a thicker glass than is normally seen in the replacement window products manufactured by other window companies. The thick glass makes the glazing more resistant to sound and stresses which may be caused by temperature fluctuations. The glass is an insulating glass and impact-resistant.

Loewen's windows are sealed with a butyl primary sealant and a polyisobutyl secondary sealant to increase the window's strength and reduce the chances of seal failure. The Loewen automated glazing assembly line creates sealed window units by placing the glass in a vertical position which prevents irregularities that may occur when glass sags during production -- deflection. Deflection can reduce the efficiency of the hermetic seal over time.

[edit] Heat-Smart Glazing

Heat-Smart windows are Loewen double pane window or triple pane window replacement units which have argon gas pumped into the gap between the glass panels. This glazing system reduces heat transfer and saves on heating and cooling costs. There are three separate levels of Heat-Smart window systems which allow homeowners to select a system that meets the heating and cooling requirements of their particular climate.

[edit] Tranquility Glazing

The 1/8" thick glass that Loewen uses on their replacement windows results in an above-average sound-attenuation. This system, the Tranquility Glazing System, reduces sound transmission into or out of rooms in which the windows are installed. The windows consist of a 1/4" glass pane on the window's exterior and an argon filled gap between the exterior pane and the laminated interior glass pane. The laminated interior glazing also helps to increase security and filter out the sun's UV rays.

[edit] StormForce Glazing

Homeowners who are purchasing replacement windows for homes located in areas which are susceptible to storms will find the Loewen StormForce Glazing system helpful. This system offers an impact resistant glazing option that is designed to withstand the harshest weather elements. The design pressure ratings meet and exceed International Residential Code requirements. Together with its impact resistance the StormForce glazing delivers a superior thermal performance. These windows are certified to help withstand hurricane forces up to "Category 5" as well as tropical storms, driving rains and high winds.

[edit] Loewen Window Products

Loewen window solutions offer two replacement window lines from which homeowners can select their preferred window. The collections include the Cyprium collection and the StormForce Collection.

[edit] Cyprium Collection

The Cyprium Collection features copper and bronze clad windows which develop distinctive patinas -- finishes -- which cloak the cladding. Patinas typically progress from earthy browns into a distinctive green. The Cyprium Collection is available in Casement, Awning, Specialty and picture windows.

[edit] Storm Force Collection

StormForce Loewen replacement windows offer impact resistant glazing options which are designed to withstand harsh climactic elements. They deliver an impact resistant window that presents a superior thermal performance. The windows' insulated glazing configurations included laminated glass products which can withstand storms and other weather conditions. StormForce windows are available in Douglas fir or as special order Mahogany. The interior frames of both Douglas fir and mahogany are available with optional extruded aluminum cladding. StormForce windows feature a traditional styling.

[edit] Loewen Replacement Window Styles

Loewen replacement windows are available as casement windows, awning windows, double-hung windows, access windows, bow and bay windows, fixed windows, transom windows and specialty windows.

[edit] Casement Windows

The Loewen replacement casement windows are available in four styles including Traditional, Mission, French Chateau, and Push Out. They feature a stile and rail sash corner joinery which does not display the miter joints -- miter joints can detract from the window's aesthetic and structural integrity. The weatherstripping system provides a form-fitting, durable seal. Loewen casement windows offer a high level of fit and finish to reduce sound and enhance energy performance. A concealed locking system is installed flush with the window's frame edge and blends into the frame for a clean and attractive appearance while, at the same time, it adds elements of enhanced security and weatherproofing. The windows present a folding crank handle which is easy to operate. The lock and crank hardware are available in white, bronze and sandstone colors. Loewen casement windows are insulated with a [[low e windows|Low E insulated glazing. They are build with Douglas primed or clear fir. Extruded aluminum cladding is available in a variety of Standard and Architectural Palette colors, primed wood, or clear fir exterior

[edit] Awning Windows

Loewen's replacement awning windows are available with quick release sashes and heavy-duty sash locks to provide quality thermal performance and a snug, weather tight seal. They are suitable for any architectural style and available as crank-out or push-out replacement window alternatives with an optional concealed locking system. The windows include properties for sound attenuation along with an extensive weatherstripping system. Extruded aluminum cladding is optional on Loewen awning windows and comes in a variety of standard colors, as a clear fir exterior or as primed wood.

[edit] Double-Hung Windows

Double hung windows from Loewen are one of the company's most popular window options. Double hung Loewen windows feature an innovative balance system that opens and closes windows smoothly, A thermally broken aluminum sill glazing option delivers maximum energy efficiency while the tilt-in mechanism tilts the replacement window inward for easy cleaning. Possibilities for water infiltration are reduced by the presence of an integrated structural sill block and metal nailing flange.

The double hung window's aesthetic appearance is enhanced by a tall bottom rail that replicates historic architecture and archetypal casing profiles which include brickmould, flat, Williamsburg and Adams alternatives.

Standard options of the Loewen double hung windows include hidden corner and sill keys and extruded aluminum cladding which is available in a wide range of colors. A variety of hardware options for the double hung windows include sash lifts, keepers and locks. Hardware is available in bronze, sandstone, linen, black, bright brass, antique brass, satin nickel, brushed chrome and oil rubbed shades.

Replacement Loewen double hung windows include a standard Heat-Smart insulated glazing system with a Low-E coating and 1/2" air space between the window's double or triple panes. Internal spacers are standard features on double hung windows.

[edit] Access Windows

The Loewen line of Access windows were created for applications in which access to the outside is limited, necessitating a window solution that allows for easy entry and cleaning . The sash rotates outward in a 180 degree outswing movement. These windows are popular as large operable units, including those as large as five feet by five feet in size. The 4 9/16 jamb ensures a strong and durable window and the RetroGear operation provides easy operating capabilities. The windows can be pushed out with the Push Out handle if the window is intended to be used as an egress emergency exit window. In such an application the window would need to be subject to local building code certification. Both sash and custodial locks are available for Access window security.

[edit] Transom Windows

Replacement transom windows from Loewen may be installed singly or in conjunction with other window units including casement windows, awning windows, double hung windows and picture windows. These transom windows add daylighting, ventilation and visual interest to a room. Homes located in cooling dominated climates may make use of transoms where they offer a light source which is tucked under overhanging eaves, shading them from the hot sun while they release rising warm interior air. Loewen's transom windows are available in a wide range of shapes and sizes.

[edit] Custom and Specialty Windows

The replacement specialty and custom windows from Loewen include quadrilateral, peakhead, rakehead, full-round, quarter round, extended quarter round, extended half round, half round, extended full chord, extended half chord, half chord, full chord, extended gothic, gothic, oval and extended ellipse window shapes. These shapes are available as special order windows alternatives and there is the possibility of ordering additional special shape windows. The homeowner will work with the Loewen dealer to determine which special shape windows can be produced.

All special shape windows are manufactured using Douglas fir and are available with exterior cladding, according to the customer's wishes.

[edit] Picture Windows

Fixed replacement picture windows provide maximum views with a minimum of wood framework. They are a window solution for openings where aesthetics and daylighting are a concern but ventilation is not required. The windows are manufactured using a 1 3/8" vertical frame segment and a 1 3/8" horizontal bottom segment for increased stability and the ability to include divide lites where indicated. These jambs also used when picture windows are combined with other operating windows such as awning or casement windows to create an integrated overall appearance. Loewen picture windows are available in numerous shapes and styles. They are manufactured with natural clear Douglas fir and include options for either a primed wood, clear fir exterior or extruded aluminum cladding which is available in standard or architectural palatte colors.

[edit] Bay and Bow Windows

Loewen bay windows are created by combining three operating or non-operating windows together in 34, 45 or 90 degree angles to form an arch. Loewen bow windows are created by combining four or five operating or non-operating windows together to form an arc or bow. The bay and bow window units may include both operating and non-operating component windows or may be composed of an entire unit of either operating or non-operating component windows. Window alternatives for Loewen bay and bow windows include casement windows, double hung windows and picture windows. Loewen bow and bay windows are available with optional heads and seats which come in either stain grade clear oak or paint grade Douglas fir. The bay and bow windows are crafted to suit any architectural design and include a clear, natural Douglas fir interior and an optional extruded aluminum cladding. The frame construction is designed for 4 9/16" jambs which can accommodate large bay and bow window sizes.

[edit] Environmental Responsibility

Nearly 100% of the wood fiber used in the manufacture of Loewen products is derived from Forest Stewardship Council certified, Canadian Standards Association certified, Sustainable Forestry Initiative certified or Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification certified forests.

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