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Lily Art
Lily Art
Lily & Dudi Shohat
Gan Yavne, Central Israel
A company that has been producing hand-crafted Judaica and tableware since 1992, from its factory in Central Israel.

Founded in 1992 by Lily and Dudi Shohat, Lily Art has been supplying a large range of hand-crafted Judaica from its factory near Gan Yavne in Central Israel ever since.

[edit] Artist

Lily Shohat, the artist and designer works mainly in glass, metal and ceramics producing an eclectic mix of Judaica and everyday products for the home. She has recently branched out into textiles and now produces tallit and kippot, which, along with her elegant Torah pointers, are suitable as Bar Mitzvah gifts.

[edit] Glassware

Much of Lily’s glassware is hand-painted with traditional Jewish motifs such as pomegranates and Stars of David. Other items are colored blue, reminiscent of the heavens and the ancient mystic traditions of the kabbalah. Incorporating embossed metal on glass enables Lily Shohat to put traditional blessings like the 'home blessing' on some of her glass designs. She also likes to use stained glass as well as painted glass for some of her items.

[edit] Judaica

In addition to producing specific Judaica items for the various Jewish holidays, such as Seder plates for Passover and Menorahs for Hannukah, Lily Arts also makes regular hand-decorated tableware. This tableware, ranging from plates and vases to salt and pepper sets can be appreciated by anyone, making them a practical souvenir and reminder of Israel.

Lily Art has been in operation for 20 years and has a unique place in the world of Israeli Judaica. Anyone can relate to their individual style which is quintessentially Israeli, whether they want Judaica per se or just something to remind them of Israel. Lily Art products can be found in Judaica and other gift shops in Israel and online.

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