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Na Nach Political Party
Na Nach Political Party
מפלגת כולנו חברים נ נח
Kulanu Haverim, Nanach
Other Names:
Mifleget Nanach, Na Nach Political Party, Nanachim Party, Breslov Party, Mifleget HaBreslevim
Ballot Letters:
New Israeli political party run by members of the Nanach movement.

'Kulanu Chaverim - Na Nach' is the Israeli political party run by members of the Na Nach movement, a group of the Breslov Chasdim. It was created in time for the 19th Knesset elections to promote the teachings of Rabbi Nachman of Breslov according to the guidance of the Saba and the Petek. Run by a panel of 10 Nanach's, the Nanach Political Party is represented by Sharon Knafo. Its ballot letters are Pay Tzadik Sofit (ףץ), a slight change from the original (פץ). Rabbi Yisroel Dov Odesser, founder of the Nanach movement had very active connections with members of the Knesset, most notably Zalman Shazar and Yitzhak Ben-Zvi.


[edit] Namesake

'Kulanu Chaverim' means 'we are all friends', a reference to an important teaching of Rabbi Yisroel Odesser "There are no big, there are no small, we are all friends". 'Na Nach' is the first part of the phrase Na Nach Nachma Nachman Meuman.

[edit] Goals

Slogan of the Nanach Party.
The official stated goals of the Nanach Political Party are to spread
  1. Faith
  2. Trust in G-D
  3. Happiness
  4. Peace and unity in accordance to the path of Sabba Yisroel

[edit] Politics

Mifleget Nanach is very opposed to the use of the Knesset as an ATM machine, where political parties often make agreements and decisions simply aimed at getting funding for their organizations and causes. Mifleget Nanach looks at the Knesset as a platform to spread the knowledge and awareness given over by Rebbe Nachman to the population of Israel and the rest of the world. Mifleget Kulanu Chaverim - Na Nach has no organizations, schools or projects they need to support and therefore distort their integrity trying to attain funding for them.

[edit] Statistics

According to statistics and their limited funding, Mifleget Nanach acknowledges that based on the laws of nature they have no chance of getting into the Knesset. However they fully believe in divine providence and are basing their campaign on the help of Hashem. They are not worried about causing other Religious political parties to lose votes, instead expecting all their voters to join them, as they claim Nanach represents a much more truthful version of the religion.

[edit] Political Ideology

Mifleget Kulanu Chaverim - Na Nach agrees to support the passing of any fair law and all laws that will lead to happiness and public stability.

[edit] Economics

A number of party members took part in the 2012 high housing strikes and two members are officially homeless. Lowering the price of food is an economical priority for them and they believe keeping the public content will solve many internal national dilemmas.

[edit] National Security

Kulanu Chaverim - Na Nach is pro severe crack downs on Arab terrorism, two leading members of the party having personally been affected by terrorist attacks. At the same time they believe in better treatment for Arabs that prove themselves truly peaceful.

[edit] Rabbis

Unlike other religious parties, Mifleget Kulanu Chaverim - Na Nach does not answer to any Rabbi or live religious figure. In accordance to the teachings of Rav Oddeser, they give no validity to the power of current rabbis other then the ability to issue Halachic rulings. They plan on finding a rabbi that will answer all Halacha based questions for the party as they arise.

[edit] Headquarters

Headquarters of Mifleget Na Nach is located in Rosh Hayin and is managed by Sharon Knafo.

[edit] Management

Mifleget Nanach Kulonu Chavarim is run by a panel of ten Nanachs. All panel members pre agree to step aside without any opposition if a more worthy candidate arrives. According to Israeli law, actual Knesset members can not be replaced during their term. Mifleget Nanach wants to advocate a change to this law, allowing Knesset members to be replaced under certain conditions. This will allow Sharon Konafo to be replaced in the event that a 'True Tzadik' or 'Moshiach' himself will arrive, until then he is serving as a temporary placeholder. All members that will receive government paid positions agree to keep only a minimal part of the salary, the equivalent compensation amount given to an average public worker. Remainder of the salary is to go back into the Party's account.

[edit] Sharon Knafo

Sharon Knafo is the first member on the list of Mifleget Nanach and would be the first to receive a seat in the Knesset if enough votes were collected in the elections. Sharon did Teshuva after getting severely wounded in a Jerusalem terrorist attack that took place in Kikar Tzion. His body was pierced with over 100 nails during the bombing, leaving him unconscious for a week. After spending time in Yeshiva and publishing a book about the teachings of Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochi, Sharon left and became Breslov. Sharon Knafo did Hafatza for many years, starting off with printing stickers, he eventually started publishing small pocket sized Breslov books. He took a very active part in dissemination of the materials and was often found in the city streets and at various events doing Hafatza. Sharon lived in Safed for many years and recently moved to Rosh Hayin.

[edit] Shi Lior Tzafrir

Shi Lior Tzafrir is a resident of Tel Aviv. Both his parents were murdered when he was three years old by Arab terrorists.

[edit] Ehud Ariel

Ehud Ariel, number 10 on the Nanach Political Party is the son of the famous Israeli musician Meir Arial. Originally appearing in a few of his father's songs, Ehud eventually formed own band with his brother Shachar. Both brothers became religious after the death of their father and were strongly influenced by the teaching of Rebbe Nachman.

[edit] Ballet Letters

The Nanach Party initially applied for the use of the following letters on their ballet slips, either Ches and Nun (spelling Chen-Grace), Nun (First letter of Rebbe Nachman's name) or Nun Ches (Nach second segment of Na Nach Nachma Nachman Meuman). In the end they were rejected for all three requests but were granted the letters Pay Tzadik, a reference to the name of the ministering angle of Rosh Hashanah - 'PZPZY-H' who is mentioned in the Petek. Some find it ironic that the letters spell out the last name of Aron Potz, a leading Nanach that passed away in 2012.

[edit] Other Agendas

Aside from their main goal of spreading Nanach, the party also plans to address some other agendas once they enter the political arena. These include...

  • Limiting the use of Ritalin on children.
  • Reforming the way police officers deal with civilians.
  • Offering alternative solutions for people looking to do Teshuva aside from joining the Yeshiva systems.
  • Building a Mikvah in the Knesset

They also plan on creating a law called 'This is not Sodom' that will improve public accommodations in governmental offices where citizens are forced to wait in long lines.

[edit] Campaign Propaganda

Kulanu Chaverim - Na Nach has published a number of pamphlets, leaflets, large campaign banners and many stickers. These materials serve the dual purpose of promoting the Nanach Political Party and spreading the teachings of Rebbe Nachman. They also released a number of YouTube clips including one where an animated version of Bibi Netanyahu performs the 'Nanach Swipe'.

[edit] 20th Knesset Elections

Mifleget Kulanu Chaverim - Na Nach made its second attempt at the Knesset during the 20th elections. This time they received 2,493 votes, a bit higher then the previous election, ranking them at #15 above 11 other parties.

[edit] Members

  1. Maor Milan
  2. Moshe Yani
  3. Avraham Tomar
  4. Moshe Offir
  5. Daron Ben Vis
  6. Sharon Knafo
  7. Shniur Ben Yechezkel
  8. Nachman Herman
  9. Eldad Medi
  10. Nitzan Chaim Kapel

[edit] Kulanu Protest

Mefleget Kulanu Chaverim - Na Nach issued a protest against the use of the name 'Kulanu' by Moshe Kahlon for his political party, claiming this violates Section 8 of the Election Law that states a political party can not use the name that another party had used in the previous elections without their permission. In the end the Election board approved the name 'Kulanu' for Kachlons party, which even before the elections caused a number of confusing incidents leading to more publicity for the Kulanu Chaverim - Na Nach party.

[edit] 19th Knesset Elections

Mifleget Nanach got a total of 2059 votes in the 19th Knesset elections ranking at 26th place, above 6 other parties. Taking into account their almost non existent budget and that most of the country was unaware of their existence, this amount of votes was considered an accomplishment. In spirit of Rebbe Nachman's famous saying "Never Give UP", the Nanach Political Party is planing to run again in the 20th Knesset elections.

[edit] Members

  1. Sharon Knafo
  2. Shi Lior Tzafrir
  3. Aron Offir
  4. Shachar Yisroel Ben Shalom
  5. Moshe Yani
  6. Tomar Avraham
  7. Chi Nes Saso
  8. Moshe Offir
  9. Yosef Sagye Nanach Yosef
  10. Ehud Ariel
  11. Amos Barak Degini
  12. Daniel Deluah
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