Israel Rubinstein

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Israel Rubinstein
Israel Rubinstein
1944, Petach Tikvah, Israel
New York, United States
Cubist, Surrealist and Judaica Artist
Jewish artist with has a humorous and playful style who often works on commission.

Israel Rubinstein is an artist with an eclectic style. His work is often a combination of Cubist and Surrealism but he also produces Judaica in a more traditional style. Israel Rubinstein lives and works in New York.

[edit] Background

Israel Rubinstein was born in Petach Tikvah, a coastal town in the center of Israel in 1944, before the War of Independence. Rubinstein grew up in Ramat-Gan and first started to learn art from his father who was a graphic artist. He helped his father with various artistic projects and then began to draw and paint for himself. Israel Rubinstein began his formal artistic career when his school principal requested his help in decorating the school's building with paintings of Biblical images. Rubinstein’s father recognized his son’s talent and arranged for him to attend a specialist art high school in Tel Aviv. After his military service, Israel Rubinstein continued his artistic studies at the Institute of Art in Tel-Aviv.

[edit] Style

Israel Rubinstein’s style is very eclectic. He uses a mixture of Surrealistic and Cubist styles, often combining the two. Israel usually paints his Judaica paintings in a more traditional manner, although some of them combine more Lyrical elements, reminiscent of the art of Chagall. Israel Rubinstein’s art work is often humorous, especially his more surrealistic pieces. This is also reflected in his habit of turning wine bottles into various amusing sculptured figures.

[edit] New York

In 1985 Israel Rubinstein moved with his wife to New York to further his artistic development. Rubinstein is constantly evolving and changing his style, and is happy to produce decorative and other pieces for the home on commission as well as continuing to paint more challenging works. Rubinstein also works restoring paintings, gives lectures about art to the general public and teaches art to students. Israel Rubinstein regularly exhibits and his work, both paintings and prints, can be found online and in private and public collections throughout the world.

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