Irene Gendelman

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Irene Gendelman
Irene Gendelman
אירינה גנדמן
Other Names
Gendelman Jerusalem Artist
Cityscape artist who paints scenes of Jerusalem as seen from different perspectives.

Irene Gendelman has always specialized in painting cityscapes. Today, as a resident of Jerusalem, she paints the scenes of both old and new Jerusalem, capturing its character and grandeur.


[edit] Background

Irene Gendelman was born in 1964 and raised in the Crimean province of Russia. As a youngster she painted panoramas of the nearby Caucausian mountain region and the Black Sea as well as scenes of the old towns in the Crimean region. She studied art both as a student in high school and university and later, in various cities throughout the world. She moved to Israel and has since concentrated on painting different perspectives of her adopted city, Jerusalem.

[edit] Subject

Irena paints pictures of Jerusalem. She endeavors to capture the different nuances and shadows of cities by painting the areas as different times of the day and during different seasons. Her paintings explore the forms, silhouettes and skylines of Jerusalem.

[edit] Inspiration

Irene’s inspiration comes from her deep love of Jerusalem and the connection that she feels as she paints the city’s streets and alleys, houses and gates. She instills the pulse of the city in her paintings as she explores the different neighborhoods of Jerusalem and commits her observations to canvas.

[edit] Medium

Irene paints in mixed media.

[edit] Techniques

Irene Gendelman paints in a realistic style using fine lines and subdued colors to convey her enchantment with Jerusalem. The viewer can observe and even feel connected to the picture without feeling overwhelmed. Irene Gendelman textures her paintings to create works which seem light yet solid, reflecting the atmosphere of splendor and spirituality that is a hallmark of Jerusalem.

[edit] Exhibitions

Irene Gendelman exhibits in galleries throughout Israel including Rozanvain Fine Art, Koyman Gallery and Tsfat Gallery in Tzfat. Her works are collected by art collectors throughout the world.


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