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Home Depot Windows
Block Glass Windows
Home Depot Windows
Home DepotWindows Replacement Windows
Home Depot Windows offers do-it-yourself window solutions which allow homeowners to design and install their own window units

Home Depot Windows Home Depot Windows features a wide range of vinyl and aluminum clad window solutions which provide opportunities for homeowners to easily choose their windows, create window combinations and undertake as much of the window installation as possible (although the Home Depot installation staff is also available to assist with part of the total installation of Home Depot windows). Home Depot represents a variety of window companies which offer low- and moderate-priced windows that provide energy efficiency and add light, ventilation and expansive views to any room in any home.


[edit] Products

Matching the appropriate window size, shape and style to a room's architectural design is a challenge but the options offered at Home Depot provide a wide range of style options and accessories. Home Depot Window replacement window alternatives include hinged casement, awning and hopper windows, vertical double hung windows, horizontal slider windows, shaped windows, specialty windows and basement windows.

[edit] Hinged Casement Windows

The hinged replacement casement windows marketed by Home Depot open at a 90 degree angle for a clear expansive view and unimpeded lighting and venting. Hinged casement window manufacturers which market their windows at Home Depot include Tafco Windows, HR Windows, Hy-Lite Windows and Jeld-Wen Windows.

[edit] Tafco Casement Windows

Tafco vinyl casement windows are available as single or dual casement replacement window options. Homeowners can order hinges on either side of the window frame as well as on the bottom or top of the frame as hopper or awning hinged windows. Tafco windows come with insulated glass and are colored white. The sturdy windows may be ordered with either double or triple glazing.

A smooth control hardware system allows homeowners to operate Tafco casement replacement windows easily. The Tafco casement's fully-opening sash ensures that the room receives plenty of light and air when the window is fully open. Heavy duty lock and keeper hardware is specifically designed to secure the windows.

[edit] HR Casement Windows

HR Windows features operating right-hand and left-hand replacement casement vinyl windows as well as tilt turn vinyl replacement windows which are sold at Home Depot. The windows are available as white frames and sashes. The weather stripping and multi-panes ensure thermal efficiency as well as a block to air, water, temperature and sound.

Special HR Windows Silent Guard Acoustical replacement casements contain additional space and insulating gas between the multiple panes which creates an acoustical window that provides added sound protection.

HR windows offer a nested crank handle and state of the art operating hardware for easy window operation. The stainless steel hinges hold the sash firmly in place and resist corrosion.

HR replacement casement windows are available in white colors with beveled frames.

[edit] Hy-Lite Casement Windows

The Hy-Lite acrylic block casement replacement windows are marketed at Home Depot as either right-handed or left-handed casements. These windows, with their patterned glacial or wave patterned glass, provide a privacy window solution that is also decorative. The windows are strong, durable, energy efficient and lightweight and are available in many sizes. Homeowners who are looking for a glass block window will note that acrylic block windows present better thermal performance than glass block windows.

Acrylic block windows look like glass block windows but their cost, weight and thermal performance make them a more attractive option than block glass windows. They are available in custom sizes and shapes

When open the acrylic block windows allow air flow and ventilation but when closed the homeowner can enjoy complete privacy. The windows are available in a tan color and with 2 x 6 block configurations.

[edit] Jeld-Wen Casement Windows

The Jeld-Wen aluminum clad replacement casement windows are hinged on either side so the sash opens inward or outward, to the left or right, in a swinging motion. The windows feature a multi-point lock with single actuating handle and dual arm operators with corrosion-resistant coating.

Low-E insulating glass is a standard on Jeld-Wen casement window orders and double and triple pane glass with argon fill is available, when special ordered, for increased thermal insulation. The windows are available in white aluminum cladding.

[edit] Vertical Sliding/Double Hung Windows

Vertical sliding double hung replacement windows are a popular replacement window option because the windows are economical and energy efficient. Double hung windows include two sashes within one frame. The sashes slide up and down within the frame to open or close the window. The double sashes allow the homeowner to control the amount of air that enters the house while ensuring that the people inside the house have an expansive view and adequate light.

Vertical sliding windows which are marketed at Home Depot include American Craftsman and Jeld-Wen windows.

[edit] American Craftsman Double Hung Windows

American Craftsman Double-Hung Vinyl Windows offers a strong, durable, energy efficient replacement window. The windows feature a fusion-welded vinyl frame and sash which creates strong, weather-tight corners and dual weather-stripping which helps to eliminate drafts. The Integral J channel allows for easy exterior siding trimming.

American Craftsman replacement windows are available with a variety of options including a brickmold design for a traditional exterior appearance and Low-E insulated glass to help save energy and reduce heating and cooling costs.

American Craftsman windows are available in white.

[edit] Jeld-Wen Double Hung Windows

Jeld-Wen Windows offers an extensive line of double-hung replacement windows including wood trim windows, wood windows with a white primer, twin double hung windows, double-hung aluminum windows and the wide Atlantic double-hung windows.

Jeld-Wen windows are available with glazing alternatives which include clear glass, ImpactGard bronze or gray tint or obscure glass. Customers may also order the windows with a Low-E coating to decrease solar gain and with insulated glass.

Jeld-Wen window features include a strong and durable wood or aluminum frame, a secure locking system, easy-installation hardware and, for the wood windows, primed white finish which can be stained or painted to coordinate with any home design.

[edit] Horizontal Sliding/Slider Windows

The replacement horizontal sliding windows represented at Home Depot consist of two- or three-sash windows in which one sash is stationary while the other sash, or two sashes, glide horizontally within the window's frame, along tracks which are embedded within the frame. Window companies which market their windows at Home Depot include Jeld-Wen and Tafco.

[edit] Jeld-Wen Sliding Windows

Jeld-Wen markets a wide range of sliding windows at Home Depot. These windows include both two-sash and three-sash windows with either dual-pane insulated glass, three-pane Low-E glazing or one-pane Low-E glass.

The Jeld-Wen replacement sliding windows come in white vinyl frames. Homeowners have a choice of clear glass windows or obscure Low-E glass.

Replacement Jeld-Wen windows are Energy Star qualified to reduce home heating and cooling costs. The multi-chamber designed fusion welded frame insulates and provides a strong durable structure. The windows' sashes may be removed for cleaning and maintenance.

[edit] Tafco Sliding Windows

Tafco's white framed vinyl replacement horizontal sliding windows have dual-pane insulated glass and a durable wool pile which seals the window to form a weather-tight seal. The window's sash and main frame are welded using heavy duty four point extruded welded assembly for maximum thermal performance. An internal weeping system helps resist weather elements.

[edit] Shaped Windows

The replacement shaped windows which are available at home deposit include a range of shapes and window manufacturers. Hy-Lite, Tafco and Century Wood market their windows at Home Depot.

[edit] Hy-Lite Shaped Windows

Hy-Lite markets their line of replacement vinyl shaped windows at Home Depot. These windows include vinyl octagon shaped windows with waved and glacier patterned glass or decorative etched patterns. The octagon windows include removable grids to create a divided lite effect. Hy-Lite also markets a fixed arch top window with divided lites through Home Depot.

Color options for Hy-Lite Shaped Windows include white, tan, silicone and tan silicone.

[edit] Tafco Shaped Windows

The Tafco line of vinyl shaped windows which is marketed at Home Depot includes octagon, round and oval shapes. Tafco's octagon shaped windows consist of removable grids which create a divided lite effect and include clear or decorative glass. There is a dual-glass option for Tafco's octagon windows. Oval Tafco window glazing involves decorative etched glass patterns such as Toni, Satin Nickel, Brass Caming, Gia and Fiore designs. The Tafco round window etched glass design is the Nikki design.

Tafco vinyl shaped windows are marketed as white windows.

[edit] Century Wood Stationary Octagon Windows

The Century Wood Stationary Octogon windows are built with Pondorosa Pine wood which makes them easy to paint or stain to match a home's design scheme. The windows come as stationary or venting options.

The Century Octogon replacement window solutions include a poly clad venting octagon window with a flower decorative pattern.

[edit] Specialty Windows

Century, Hy-Lite, Pittsburgh Corning and Tafco offer specialty windows that add unique architectural points of interest to any home.

The specialty window options consist of glass block windows -- including glass block windows in which some of the blocks operate for venting, jalousie shutter windows, awning and hopper windows.

The replacement specialty window alternatives offer a wide range of glazing options including glass windows with decorative etchings and patterns, glacial patterned glazing, wave patterned glazing and icescapes patterned glazing. Most of the Home Depot replacement specialty windows are vinyl windows but the jalousie windows are aluminum frames.

[edit] Basement Windows

A good replacement basement window can add light and ventilation to the basement, making it a comfortable living area. However, given the location of basement windows, at ground level, basement windows must be secure window options.

Most basement window alternatives offered at Home Depot are hopper windows which are hinged along the bottom frame. They open either inward or outward but ensure a safe and secure window which does not allow unwanted entries.

Home Depot replacement basement windows include hopper windows from Hy-Lite. The windows have clouded privacy glass or patterned block glass, such as glacier or wave patterns, to block the view from the outside. The windows are energy efficient.

An additional replacement basement window option at Home Depot is the Telco hopper vent window with dual insulated panes and obscure glazing. A pivot operation allows for multiple operating options.

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