Garden Room Windows

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Garden Room Windows
Garden Room Windows
Other Names:
Garden Room Replacement Windows
Garden room windows can transform a neglected side room into an attractive and functional garden room.

Suitable garden room windows allow homeowners to duplicate Mother Nature and create an indoor garden space that can produce almost anything that will grow outdoors. Some people decide to decorate their garden room with flowers and decorative plants while others construct a garden room that produces a significant amount of vegetables and even, sometimes, fruit. Most edible plants can grow inside a garden room if the climactic conditions are agreeable. Other garden room uses include an outdoor play area for children, a porch area or even a home office. Installing appropriate venting and insulating windows is one of the first steps in creating a garden room for any climate and any purpose.

With the proper architectural design, any room can be transformed into a garden room. Garden rooms can be large or small and may include spaces for relaxation or function as a mini-greenhouse with rows of flowers and edible plants. Garden windows must provide the garden room with adequate daylighting, ventilation, humidity and temperature control.


[edit] Garden Room Window Considerations

Garden rooms can be created anywhere, from a gazebo to a porch, a deck or a detached building such as a shed. Some homeowners make a garden room in an enclosed area of the garden. The room must be light and spacious. The most important element in building a successful garden room is the room's location in regard to the amount of sun or shade it will get during the day. The plants will do well if the garden room's replacement windows account for the room's exposure to the sun, the need for proper ventilation dispersion of the moisture that often builds up in a garden room.

While simple garden rooms may be erected within a few days with flimsy materials, homeowners who want to maximize the usefulness of the garden room will use quality materials and workmanship to get the best long-range value for their money.

[edit] Window Framing Options

Garden room replacement windows include windows manufactured using all-wood frames, wood-clad frames, or fiberglass, vinyl, aluminum or composite materials.

[edit] Wooden Windows

Wood frame replacement garden windows may seem dicey because of the worry that the windows could warp or rot when exposed to the high humidity of a garden room. However, proper finishing and maintenance can ensure that a wood garden room window is able to offer a long-lasting and durable window solution for a garden window. The wood windows can be painted or varnished annually to protect them from condensation and moisture build-up. Wood windows add an attractive design element to a garden room as the natural wood product blends in with the foliage and plantlife in the room.

[edit] Wood-Clad Windows

Wood clad replacement garden room windows combine the visual attraction of wood with the practicality of an aluminum- or vinyl-clad exterior. The finished wood adds an appealing architectural element to the interior of the garden room while the aluminum or vinyl exterior cladding protects the frame from the weather. Interior painting and exterior cladding can be matched to the colors of a garden room.

[edit] Vinyl indows

Vinyl replacement garden room windows present a low-cost window alternative that offers a functional garden window solution. Vinyl frames stand up to moisture, heat and other conditions to ensure that the windows enhance the garden room. Vinyl windows are available in all sizes, shapes and styles.

[edit] Aluminum Windows

Garden rooms with replacement aluminum windows may experience a build-up of condensation along the window frame due to the aluminum frame's tendency to conduct heat. This may prove to be more of a problem in garden rooms built in heating-dominated climates as opposed to those built in cooling dominated climates. In such a case, a homeowner should investigate the type of aluminum window that will be installed -- aluminum windows with thermal breaks can improve the U-value of aluminum frame replacement windows and aluminum windows in which the thermal break is combined with foam insulation also present a high quality aluminum window product.

[edit] Fiberglass Windows

Fiberglass replacement windows are a good sturdy, durable window choice for garden rooms. The fiberglass frame does not require any maintenance and can be painted to match the color scheme and architectural design of the garden room. Some homeowners may hesitate to buy fiberglass window frames for a garden room because they tend to be more expensive than vinyl or aluminum frame windows but if the homeowner intends to use the garden room extensively, a more costly window may be, in the long run, more economical.

[edit] Composite Windows

[[Composite Windows|Replacement composite windows are a relatively new window alternative on the replacement window market but homeowners who have installed these windows report that they are strong and dependable in all locations, including in garden rooms where they are exposed to the weather's elements. Composite windows are built from blended composite materials and can be shaped and sized according to the homeowner's requirements.

[edit] Energy Efficiency Glazing

Growing plants in a garden room requires careful temperature control. Purchasing garden room replacement windows that provide quality glazing performance can help ensure that the temperature in a garden room does not become too hot or cold. When purchasing replacement garden room windows, homeowners should check the windows ratings to ensure that the windows display acceptable ratings for visible transmittance, condensation resistance and air leakage as well as the window's U-Factor for heat transfer and its solar heat gain coefficient.

[edit] Multi-Pane Windows

The double or triple glass panes of a multi-pane replacement garden room window helps to prevent heat transfer into and out of the garden room. This keeps a cool room cool and a warm room warm using minimal heating and cooling expenses. The multi-pane windows are a standard part of a replacement window order. Purchasing Energy Star certification can earn the homeowner tax credits and rebates.

[edit] Low-E-Glazing

Low E garden room windows are available with either a standard or special-order Low-Emissivity (Low-E) glazing which reduces the transfer of the sun's infrared radiation from the warmer pane of glass to the cooler pane. This lowers the window's solar heat gain coefficient and helps to keep the garden room cool and humid.

[edit] Styles, Sizes and Shapes

Homeowners can order their replacement garden room windows in any desired style, size and shape to address venting and lighting concerns and create the garden room's desired architectural style.

[edit] Single & Double-Hung

Single- and double-hung replacement garden room windows are vertical sliding windows which offer a traditional style that is attractive, functional and easy to maintain. Both single hung and double hung windows operate by pushing the sash upward to open the window and pulling the sash downward to close the window. This is accomplished by standing directly under the window so the installation should take place in a location where the homeowner will be able to stand directly next to the window with no interference from any furnishing or plants.

[edit] Casement and Awning

Garden room casement and awning replacement windows operate with a push-in or push out motion, with a hand-crank or by remote control. Casements are a more expensive window option due to the hinge mechanism but they are popular garden room windows because they open completely for a full open view. Casement and awning garden room windows may be installed as inward or outward swinging windows. The decision as to which direction the window will open should be taken after ascertaining what impediments may block the swinging sash inside or outside of the garden room.

[edit] Bow and Bay

Garden rooms can expand physically and figuratively with a well-built bay window or bow window. These arched windows add a unique architectural focus to a garden room by expanding the daylighting and ventilation options and creating additional space. A seat may be installed within the arch formed by the protruding windows to offer additional seating room. Garden room replacement bay and bow windows may be formed using either operating windows, non-operating windows or a combination of non-operating and operating windows. Component window options for bay and bow window s include single and double hung windows, picture windows, casement windows. Bay and bow windows may also include transom windows, hopper windows or awning windows which are installed above or below the larger window units.

[edit] Garden Windows

Garden windows are perfect for many garden room window applications. They can be installed in either a large or small window opening and offer additional ventilation and shelf space where homeowners can place flower pots and other decorative items. Garden windows operate with a crank mechanism, allowing the window to jut out several inches from the garden room's exterior wall.

[edit] Picture Windows

Picture Windows are fixed window options which increase daylighting into a garden room and provide a good window solution for a tight area. Picture windows do not increase the ventilation into a garden room so they should be considered for window openings in which air flow is not a requirement.

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