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Yair Emanuel Judaica Art
Yair Emanuel Judaica Art
Judaica Design Studio, Jerusalem
Contemporary Modern Judaica
Popular designs by Yair Emanuel for religious and ritual purposes, as well as practical items for the home and individual.

Emanuel Judaica Art Studio is a well-known art workshop in Jerusalem producing a variety of Judaica designed by Yair Emanuel, a Bezelel trained creative designer. His products includes tallasim, challah covers, menoras, candlesticks, kiddush cups, washing cups and tzedakah boxes.


[edit] Types of Design

Yair Emanuel works in textiles like painted silk or decorated wood, depending on what he is designing, making a variety of contemporary Judaica that can be used and enjoyed every day.

[edit] Themes

Yair Emanuel’s work is evocative of the holy city of Jerusalem and the Land of Israel and appeal to everybody including religious and non-religious Jews alike. He uses traditional Jewish themes like the seven species of Israel:- barley, dates, figs, grapes, olives, pomegranates and wheat as inspiration for his designs, as well as the landscape in and around Jerusalem.

[edit] Not Only Ritual Objects

Emanuel designs a wide variety of religious and ritual objects for use in a Jewish home in his studio and they are produced by hand in his workshop. Emanuel Judaica Art also makes a selection of attractive kitchen tableware as well as other hand crafted items, like scarves and bags which are suitable for anyone of any faith or none.

[edit] The Workshop

Apart from the studio workshop the Emanuel Judaic Art company also operates a website so that people can buy online. They offer an online affiliate program for organizations, a wholesale distribution option as well as discounts for large orders. The company also is happy to personalize items making them suitable for corporate and charity organizations to use as gifts for honorees etc.

[edit] Be Careful of Fakes

Yair Emanuel is one of the best known commercial Judaic designers in Israel and his work is so popular that in the past it has been faked. However as long as people buy direct from Emanuel Judaic Art Studio, or their associates, they know they have the genuine article.

[edit] Giving Back

As part of Yair’s philosophy of giving back to the community, some of the people he employs are people who may find it hard to get a job - like new immigrants and people with mental health disabilities. A certain percentage of the company’s profits are also given to charity (tzedakah), staying true to Jewish religious traditions.

The Yair Emanuel Judaica Art studio workshop in Jerusalem is open Sunday to Thursday between 8.30am and 4.30pm for both sales and visitors.

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