Elisha Ben Yitzhak

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Elisha Ben Yitzhak
Elisha Ben Yitzhak
אלישה בן יצחק
El-ee-sha Ben Yitz-hak
Israeli painter, founder of International Biennale Artists, expressionist style.

Elisha Ben Yitzhak brings a unique and independent style to his art works which he creates using a variety of media.


[edit] Background

Elisha Ben Yitzhak was born in pre-State Israel in 1943 and began to paint after his army service. He studied at the Bezalel Art Academy in Jerusalem and at the Avni Art Institute in Tel Aviv. He continued painting while he worked for the Israeli Ministry of Tourism and served as the education emissary to Zimbabwe and South Africa. After a stint as the cultural emissary to the Midwest region of the United States, Ben Yitzhak moved to Milwaukee and stopped painting, taking it up again only in 2006. Since that time he has worked as a serious artist and been an active founding member of the International Biennale Artists, an organization that brings artists together to create group exhibitions worldwide.

[edit] Style

The romanticism of Elisha's contemporary style of work is evident when viewing the juxtaposition of the paintings' realistic and surrealistic elements. He employs bright, bold colors in his paintings alongside a lyrical composition within his delicate lines.

[edit] Inspiration

Elisha attempts to express the essence and rhythm of life in his paintings and depict various symbols of life as he sees them. He balances his compositions and colors to create depictions of meaningful scenes. His work with the International Biennale Artists was inspired by his desire to encourage society to be more receptive to art and show how important the role of art is in society.

[edit] Media

Elisha works with a variety of media including watercolors, oils and acrylic paints.

[edit] Work

In addition to paintings which explore human emotions such as "Love," "Alone," "Attractions," "Feelings," "Loneliness," "Tears" and "Pain" Elisha also explores themes of general life in his works. Some of these pieces include "Woman," "The Impossible," "Surrelistic Portrait of a Woman," and "Together. Elisha also paints scenes of his native Israel such as "Jerusalem in God's Hands," "In Jaffa" and "The Church at Capernum."

[edit] Exhibitions

Elisha exhibits in galleries, museums, art festivals and private art exhibits as well as in electronic media and publications. He has also exhibited his works at the Tate Gallery in London as well as in galleries in Canada, Holland, Italy, Israel and throughout the United States.


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