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Eagle Windows
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Eagle Windows
Eagle Windows Replacement Windows
Eagle Windows provides aluminum clad replacement windows with a wide range of alternatives of sizes and shapes.


[edit] Eagle Windows

Eagle windows is a subsidy of Anderson Windows. Eagle manufactures high-quality aluminum clad replacement windows which fit any type of remodeling project. These windows are part of Anderson's Architectural Collection which offers innovative approaches to the installation of replacement windows based on the desired architectural style.

Customers can choose between 50 exterior colors, 11 interior colors, nine species of wood and unlimited sizes and shapes when designing their window assembly, an unmatched opportunity to create exactly the desired architectural style for their home. The Eagle Window brand follows Anderson's policy of encouraging homeowners to use the numerous sizes, shapes and colors available to create the window design that they wish to create.

[edit] Products

Eagle Windows presents a complete selection of replacement window styles including Eagle Axiom Casement Windows, Eagle Axiom Awning Windows, Push Out Casement and Awning Windows, Talon Double Hung Windows, Bow and Bay Windows, Slide-By Windows and Auxiliary Windows.

[edit] Eagle Axiom 11 Casements and Push-Out Casement Windows

The Eagle Axiom 11 and Eagle Push-Out replacement casement windows offer an attractive and functional window option. These replacement casement windows open to 90° to provide a full view along with plenty of ventilation and easily cleaning options.

[edit] Energy Efficiency

Eagle replacement casement windows provide an energy efficient hinged window solution that fully complies with U.S. Energy Star requirements in the Northern Zone. The Fibrex material creates a thermal barrier which limits the amount of heat transfer from the aluminum clad exterior to the window's wood interior. Weather stripping is carefully positioned along the frame to offer superior surface contact with the seal and allow for a tight fit.

[edit] Hardware Options

Additional casement window elements include a heavy-duty dual arm or stainless steel operator to resist corrosion, stainless steel hinges and tracks which allow the tracks of the window to be easily opened to a 90° opening for easy cleaning and good ventilation and stainless steel sash lock keepers which help to seal the sash tightly against the weather stripping.

The windows may be fitted with an optional wireless security system in which security sensors are embedded right in the window. The VeriLock Sensor System verifies that the windows are locked and alerts the owner if they are unlocked.

Crank handles and operator covers are available in bronze, polished brass, gold, white, black, antique brass, pewter, oil-rubbed bronze, satin chrome and bright chrome.

[edit] Eagle Axiom 11 and Eagle Push-Out Awning Windows

Eagle's awning windows may be installed either singly or as an accompaniment to another window, either an operating or a non-operating window. The awning window may be installed either above or below another window for increased ventilation as it affords privacy within the home. The awning windows are functional and easy to clean.

[edit] Energy Efficiency

The Eagle replacement windows meet all Energy Star requirements for the Northern Zone. The material used to cover the exterior of the window, Fibrex, creates a thermal barrier which limits the amount of heat that transfers from the aluminum exterior of the window to the room's interior. The weather strip is positioned directly onto the Fibrex frame for improved surface contact with the sash, creating a tight weatherproof seal.

[edit] Hardware Options

Stainless steel hardware, including single or dual arm operators, hinges, tracks and brackets are included as part of a standard Eagle Axiom and Push-Out replacement awning windows order. These items clean easily and operate effortlessly. The stainless steel sash lock keepers help to keep the sash tightly sealed against the weather strip. These sash lock keepers resist corrosion.

A security system, the VeriLock Sensors, integrate wireless security sensors into the Eagle awning windows to detect unlocked windows and alert the homeowner.

[edit] Talon Double Hung Windows

The attractive design and functionality of the Eagle Talon Double Hung replacement windows assure homeowners of a quality window that operates easily and fits any architectural style. Both the top and bottom sashes of the double hung window tilt inward for easy cleaning and convenient locking.

Eagle double hung replacement windows feature a traditional stile and rail design alongside a taller-than-normal bottom rail for a classic look and maximum performance. Jam liners include interior and exterior inserts , a wood-veneered interior insert and a painted aluminum exterior.

Eagle addresses security concerns with its unique VeriLock system. Wireless sensors are embedded in the windows to detect whether or not the windows are locked, enabling homeowners to quickly verify the status of their windows.

[edit] Energy Efficiency

The double hung Eagle replacement windows ensure a window alternative which helps to lower a home's heating and cooling costs through a structural connection which is created by two stubbers. The stubbers are applied to the sill and connect the frame to the lower sash. This mechanism allows homeowners to simply close and lock the window which can then withstand all weather conditions.

[edit] Replacement Sash Kits for Replacement Eagle Double Hung Windows

Eagle's double-hung replacement sash kits include all items needed to replace a double hung sash. The kit contains the replacement window sash, compression jamb liners, locking hardware, sill dam, head parting stop, installation hardware, sash lifts and a balance system for easy installation.

[edit] Retrofit Eagle Double Hung Windows

Eagle's retrofit Talon double hung windows can fit into existing window frames for an easy installation. There is no need to replace the existing frame, wall coverings or trim work with the Eagle retrofit double hungs.

[edit] Eagle Bow and Bay Windows

Eagle bow and bay windows open up any room to add light, ventilation and style. Eagle allows homeowners to create their own four-window bow or three-window bay using casement, double hungs and picture windows in any desired type of window assembly.

[edit] Bay and Bow Window Seat

Eagle bow and bay windows may include a birch or oak wood panel which is installed within the angles caused by the projected windows. This panel may serve as a seating area or as a shelf.

[edit] Design Options for Eagle Bay and Bow Windows

Possible bay and bow window options include center picture windows with flanking casement or double hung windows, a unit consisting of operable windows in the unit's center flanked by picture windows along the sides or a unit consisting totally or operable windows or a unit consisting totally of non-operable windows.

Awning and transom windows may be added to the bay or bow window assembly to provide additional height, light and ventilation.

Eagle window bay and bow replacement windows are available in sizes measuring from the smallest units measuring three feet in length to the largest units measuring six feet in length. The Eagle bay and bow replacement window units may measure up to six feet in width.

[edit] Manufacturing Details

The frame and sash of an Eagle bay or bow window are manufactured using kiln dried pine, cherry, hickory, African mahogany, maple, oak, walnut, alder or mixed grain fir wood, according to the homeowner's order. This wood is then treated with water and insect repellent and preservatives to preserve the wood's integrity. The wood components are clad with aluminum extrusions to provide a weather-resistant exterior. The windows are sealed with a compression bulb weather strip.

Eagle replacement bay and bow windows are anchored using a cable support system. Special order platforms and brackets may be included. Eagle Window & Door 800.453.

[edit] Eagle Slide-By Windows

The Slide-By replacement windows by Eagle, also called "sliders," "gliders," or "horizontal sliding windows" are available in either two-panel or three-panel versions. The sliding windows' frame consists of a rigid vinyl head which glides along a sill track. The head track is backed with flexible hinges which create a positive seal between the sash and the frame.

[edit] Energy Efficiency

Eagle sliding replacement windows offer an energy efficient window solution. The windows are rated with a low U-Rating which marks them as approved "Energy Star" windows by the United States Department of Energy and governmental bodies of other countries. A compression foam-filled bulb weather stripping is applied to the window sash for maximum weather resistance to water and air penetration. Both the inside and outside sashes are sealed at the interlock. The aluminum cladding which is applied to the window's exterior resists heat transfer to help lower energy costs.

[edit] Slide-By Hardware

The Eagle sliding replacement windows open easily using the slimline finger pulls which do not interfere with window coverings. The flush mount sash locks and keepers ensure a tight fit at the interlock while affording a clean slim profile. Flush mount sash locks hold the window firmly in place.

[edit] Eagle Auxiliary Windows

Auxiliary replacement windows by Eagle are manufactured according to Eagle's made-to-order philosophy which allows homeowners to design their own window assembly. Auxiliary windows are available in a wide range of shapes and sizes including basic circular shapes and asymmetrical shapes. Auxiliary windows compliment Eagle's casement and double hung window lines.

[edit] Eagle Auxiliary Window Shapes

Available shapes for Eagle Auxiliary windows include octagons, pentagons, half circles, quarter circles, ellipses, gothic archtops, eyebrows, half eyebrows, full circles, extended half circles, extended quarter circles, extended ellipses, extended gothic archtops, extended center archtops, extended quarter eyebrows, ovals, right triangles, isosceles triangles, trapezoids and parallelograms.

[edit] Design Flexibility

Auxiliary design flexibility allows homeowners to choose from one of two profiles when ordering their auxiliary window and from any one of the 50 exterior color options, seven anodized finishes, nine wood species and eleven interior finishes.

[edit] Glass Options

Eagle replacement windows feature attractive thermal efficient glass options which meet the needs of various climates, safety requirements, budgets and tastes.

Eagle windows' standard glass is coated to cut UV transmissions while providing a clear unimpeded view. The glass insulates the home from weather elements and noise penetration. A special exterior coating can be applied to reduce water spots when activated by sunlight. Glass coatings for Eagle windows include Low-E4, i81, SmartSun, PassiveSun or Low-E 240.

Eagle windows' glass is impact resistant. The Protector Series glass offers enhanced noise blocking as well as heightened protection and security.

Homeowners can order specialty glass for their Eagle windows such as decorative glass with beveled, grooved, frosted, colored, tinted or textured appearances. Customers may also custom-design their own glass. 

[edit] Exterior Color Options

Homeowners can take their pick of 50 exterior colors when purchasing Eagle casement replacement windows. Exterior color options include Colony White, Dark Ash, Yorktown Pewter, Smokey Gray, Harbor Mist, Patina, Aquamarine, Sierra Bronze, Moss, Olive, Sage, Slate, Abelon, Forest Green, Pebble Tan, Chocolate Chip, Mallard Green and Moody Blue. Eagle can custom manufacture multi- color tone exteriors such as an Antique White accessory metal with a Cinnamon Toast sash and frame or Butterscotch flat casing with Cappuccino frame and panel. There are also seven anodized finishes available including light, medium and dark bronze, champagne and copper colors.

[edit] Wood Species & Custom Wood Interiors

Each of the interior wood species and finish options for Eagle replacement windows offers its own unique character, grain and staining capability. These options include pine, hickory, African mahogany, cherry and vertical grain fir.

[edit] Interior Wood Finishes

The interior finish alternatives for Eagle replacement windows are applied after the wood is treated with an insect repellant and preservative and painted with two coats of polyurethane. Interior finish options include a clear polyurethane coating or autumn oak, fruitwood, traditional cherry, dark oak or mahogany. 

[edit] Accessories

Eagle replacement windows feature several additions including standard insect screens as well as grilles and divided lites.

[edit] Divided Lights

Homeowners may special order divided lights or grilles when placing their Eagle window order. Options include modern divided lights, classic divided lights, between-glass grilles and removable wood grilles.

[edit] Modern Divided Lights

Eagle windows' Modern Divided Lights are available as either colonial or contemporary profiles. They are fixed interior and exterior grilles that have internal spaces placed between two panes of glass. These divided lights are available in a variety of widths.

[edit] Classic Divided Lights

Classic Divided Lights for Eagle replacement windows are fixed exterior and interior grilles that do not have an internal spacer. They are available in widths ranging from 5/8" to 21/4".

[edit] Between-Glass Grilles

Between-glass grilles are available for Eagle replacement windows as 5⁄8" or 1" contoured aluminum profiles. Options include two-tone colors of white/pebble tan, white/sierra/bronze or white/forest/green.

[edit] Removable Wood Grilles
Removable wood grilles are available for Eagle replacement windows in 7/8" widths in either a contemporary or colonial profile. Homeowners may also order optional surround and fixed exterior grilles. 
==== Eagle Windows Privacy Options ====

A number of privacy options may be ordered together with the windows to increase the privacy of the people within the home. These include blinds and shades.

[edit] System 3 Blinds

Aluminum slat blinds may be mounted onto the extruded aluminum blind panel which is then applied to the window. This creates a triple-glazed window that offers enhanced energy efficiency and privacy. The blinds are available in white, tan, wood veneer or gold colors. Slats are 5/8".

[edit] System 3 Shades

Eagle's pleated fabric shades are mounted onto the window frame to filter light and enhance privacy. The shades are available in almond, pearl, vanilla and white colors.

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