David Bar Chai

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David Bar Chai
David Bar Chai
דוד בר חי
Bar Ch’ai
Other Names
Artist of Tiberias
Tiberias-based artist who paints murals, landscapes and reconstructions of historical photographs and paintings.

David Bar-Chai has studied and worked throughout the world, developing his unique style of painting and historical representations. Today, he lives in Tiberias where his art inspires civic pride and a better understanding of the town’s history.


[edit] Background

David Bar Chai studied art and music composition at the University of Texas in El Paso, the University of Maine and Loyola University in New Orleans. He traveled around the world and spent significant periods of time living in Greece and Mexico before moving to Israel and establishing his studio in Tiberias.

[edit] Inspiration

David is inspired by a wide range of subject matter. The subjects of his paintings range from portraits and self-portraits to historical scenes of 15th century Spain. Other subjects include Mexican bull fights, animals, nature scenes, still lifes, his own garden and depictions of different regions, both in American and the Land of Israel, at various points throughout history.

[edit] Styles

David’s styles vary from realistic to impressionistic to cubist. David generally paints in rich vivid colors with vibrant oranges, reds, blues, greens and purples. Some of his paintings employ bold dark hues while others show a more muted color scheme.

[edit] Israel Work

David lived in Tzfat for several years, then moved back to Texas and then Mexico before returning permanently to Israel with his wife. They settled in Tiberias and he has since been involved in unique historical projects which allow him to present Tiberias and Israel’s history as seen through the eyes of an artist.

[edit] Dona Gracia Museum

David is the staff artist at the Dona Gracia museum, a museum dedicated to Dona Gracia. Dona Gracia was a woman who, together with her nephew, saved hundreds of Jews from the Spanish Inquisition and helped resettle them in Tiberias, simultaneously contributing to the development of the city. The work that David does for the museum includes painting various views of Tiberias which are reconstructed from old paintings.

[edit] Tiberias Work

In addition to his work at the museum, David finds different avenues to depict the lives of Jews who lived in the Tiberias area over the centuries. He is involved in a project of painting pictures of the four holy cities of Israel -- Jerusalem, Hebron, Tiberias and Tzfat -- as well as a project that interests him personally, reconstructing old photographs of day-to-day life of Jews in Israel through paintings. The project, “David Ahavat Israel: HaChazarah l'Artzeinu” shows Jewish pioneers at work and leisure and brings their struggles to life.

[edit] Mu-rá-lo-gy

David accepts commissions and frequently paints murals for clients. These murals can include scenes of nature as well as nature intertwined with history.


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