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Custom Windows
Block Glass Windows
Other Names:
Specialty Replacement Windows
The availability of custom replacement windows allows homeowners to create a window of any size of shape for their home.

Custom windows, also known as specialty windows, add character and charm to any home design. Custom windows are available in a wide range of shapes, sizes, glazing options and framing materials. They are often used by homeowners who are interested in including a distinctive architectural focus point in their home design. Custom windows can be installed on their own or in conjunction with other windows. They are available as operating sashes and as non operating windows and may be framed and glazed with any variety of framing and glazing materials.


[edit] Operating Vs. Non-Operating

Some custom windows are available as hinged operating windows in which the sash can be opened or closed. These include half-arch windows and octagon windows. Hinged operating custom windows may swing inward or outward.

[edit] Shapes

Custom windows are available in a wide range of sizes and shapes including rectangular, geometric and radius window units. Specialty windows may be found as quarter circle top windows, half circle top windows, elliptical windows, flanker windows, arched windows, oval windows, octagon windows, full chord (eyebrow) windows, Gothic Windows, hexagon windows, partial arch head windows, chord windows, pentagon windows, trapezoid windows, triangular windows, Isosceles triangle windows and additional window shapes.

[edit] Studio Windows

Studio windows are available as mulled combinations or as single window units. They compliment an operating unit and are generally large windows that add a sense of openness to a room. Studio windows are often positioned to provide a good view of the outdoors. Options for studio windows include as a set in a sash or as a frame design. The windows are non-operable and energy efficient. They are often placed in an area in which venting is not required or if the windows is hard to reach.

[edit] Transom Windows

Transom windows are generally rectangular in shape. They are installed in rooms with tall ceilings and above patio doors to provide a look and feel that is proportionate to the room's design. Transom windows offer an exceptional design opportunity that allows more light to flow into a room along with an additional architectural element that enhances a room's design.

Transoms are either a one-piece design that extends over the entire width of the larger window or door below or are split to align with the door or window configuration. Transoms are available with either narrow or wide stiles which maintain site lines. They add style and flair to an otherwise simple window application.

[edit] Special Shaped Windows

Special shape windows imbue a home with a distinctive look by incorporating a curved shape into the window design. Special shape windows are generally built as either a direct set frame or a sash and frame style, depending on whether they are operating or non-operating windows. The interior trim is shaped to fit the window's radius and molded to the window profile.

[edit] Direct Set Custom Windows

Direct set custom windows are built by installing a piece of glass directly into the window frame, with no sash. These windows are offered in every shape including geometric and radius products.

[edit] Sash Set Custom Windows

Sash set custom windows feature a heavier look with the addition of a sash component with-in a frame (in which the glass is glazed into a sash and is then installed into a frame). This design is commonly used in combinations because the glass sightlines are able to match better. These windows are aesthetically pleasing as well as functional.

[edit] Framing Materials

Custom windows are available in all framing materials including wood, wood clad, fiberglass, vinyl, aluminum and composite frames.

[edit] Glazing Options

Custom windows are available as single panes, double panes or triple panes. A low-e coating may be applied to the glazing of a custom window to reduce the solar heat gain and increase their energy efficiency.

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