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Champion Windows
 Champion Windows
Other Names:
Champion Replacement Windows
Champion Windows manufactures a selection of vinyl window and other construction products.

Champion Windows manufactures high quality vinyl windows that are energy efficient, durable and attractive. These windows are suitable for any type of home construction and match a wide range of architectural design styles including ranch, colonial, contemporary and others. Champion constructs their windows in standard and custom sizes to ensure their window solutions will be applicable to any window opening in any home. Champion windows are maintenance-free and meet Energy Star qualifications. They come in white, tan and ColorBond custom colors, wood grain looks are also available. Separate colors can be chosen for the exterior and interior.


[edit] Framing Finishes

Homeowners can choose from traditional white or tan vinyl frames or may choose one of two superior framing finishes, allowing them to match the window to the home's architectural design. Alternatives frame options include Colorbond and Timberbond.

[edit] Colorbond Windows

Champion Replacement windows feature Colorbond frames which help save energy and maintenance. Colorbond frames' color palette offers a choice of exterior colors that do not go out of style. Champion Colorbond frames have passed the American Architectural Manufacturer's Association's standards for heat reflection, fading, adhesion and abrasion. They do not warp, sag or distort. Colorbond vinyl frames are produced in an environmentally friendly process that uses low VOC (volatile organic compounds). They are non-flammable, non-toxic and lead- chromate- and odor-free.

[edit] Timberbond Windows

Champion Timberbond windows offer the look and feel of wood grain frames without the problems associated with wood windows. These vinyl windows go beyond the laminate finishes of most competing windows to provide a long-term design solution since they bond with the actual vinyl. Timberbond windows offer a heat reflective frame that doesn't peel, blister, fade or chip. Champion applies the wood grain finish using a high temperature and pressure transfer process. The vinyl's structural integrity is protected while it presents an attractive look.

[edit] Comfort 365 Glazing

All Champion windows come with Comfort 365 glazing. This multi-pane glazing blocks 95% of Ultra Violet rays to reduce fading of furniture, carpets and drapes. Champion windows are Energy Star compliant, reducing heating and cooling costs while creating a comfortable home despite the outside weather.

[edit] Champion Window Styles

Champion manufactures replacement windows in a variety of styles including double hung windows, sliding windows, casement windows, fixed frame windows, special shape windows, bay windows, bow windows and garden windows.

[edit] Champion Double Hung Windows

Champion double hung replacement windows are their most popular window line. Both sashes open for ventilation and tilt-in for easy cleaning. Champion double-hung windows feature exterior architectural molding for a stylish look. They come with full screens and options for grilles.

[edit] Champion Casement Windows

Champion casement windows operate easily using a "low profile" crank which creates a more aesthetically pleasing interior window. These windows feature exterior architectural molding for an attractive look. They can be installed side by side, with a picture window installed between two flanking casement windows or as part of a bay or bow window unit. Champion Casement windows open fully for easy cleaning and full ventilation. Customers can choose from grille options and may select white, tan or ColorBond frame colors.

[edit] Champion Slider Windows

Champion slider windows are a budget window option which are suitable for small horizontal window openings. These slider windows come as one lite, two lite or three-lite units. Champion slider windows can be lifted out of the sash for indoor cleaning of both sides of the panes. They are available with exterior architectural molding options.

[edit] Champion Picture Windows

Champion fixed frame windows are a good solution for window applications where daylighting is required but venting is not needed. They are non operating windows so they are a more cost effective solution in many cases because they do not require operating hardware. Champion fixed frame windows feature exterior architectural molding styles and Comfort 365 glass.

[edit] Champion Bay Windows

Champion bay windows may be assembled using any three window styles including casement, double hung or picture windows or a combination of the three. The fusion of the windows creates a 45-degree arched bay window. Special shape windows can also be included in a bay window unit. Champion bay windows features a deep inside insulated seat area that can be painted or stained to match any home’s decor.

[edit] Champion Bow Windows

Champion bow windows are assembled using four, five or six double hung, casement or picture windows or any combination of the three to create a wide arched unit. They may include an inside headboard or seatboard that can be painted, stained or varnished to the homeowner's requirements. Additional special shape windows may also be included in the bow window unit.

[edit] Champion Garden Windows

Champion garden windows are often installed in the kitchen, allowing homeowners to add additional daylighting and additional shelving for decorations and plants. They extend out in a box-shape to add an architectural focus point to a kitchen. Seats in Champion garden window are laminated glass to protect the surrounding frame.

[edit] Special Shape Windows

Special shaped replacement windows by Champion include circles, trapezoids, half rounds, elliptical, eyebrows and other geometric shapes. They are custom manufactured and available with ColorBond vinyl frames. Grilles are also available for special shape Champion windows. They are specially constructed to provide a high level of weather resistance and thermal insulation.

[edit] Accessories

Champion offers grids and grilles for their windows. Grilles are installed in between the double pane Comfort 365 glass so the windows are flat and can be cleaned easily. Champion offers half and full screens on all operating windows.

[edit] Recognition

Champion windows are recognized by the National Fenestration Ratings Council as Energy Star certified windows. This indicates that Champion windows offer a high degree of thermal insulation including a low U factor and are solar heat gain coefficient to prevent heat transfer and ensure a superior thermal performance. Champion windows also carry the Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval and the American Architectural Manufactures Association Gold Label.

[edit] Warranty

Champion windows provide customers with a lifetime warranty on the window and installation.

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