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Certain Teed
Block Glass Windows
MI Windows and Doors
CertainTeed Replacement Windows
MI Windows and Doors, formerly CertainTeed Windows, offer quality window replacement solutions for home renovations


[edit] MI Windows/CertainTeed Windows

MI Windows and Doors manufactures, markets and distributes the CertainTeed Window brand of windows throughout the Eastern United States and Canada. The CertainTeed brand is a strong presence in the vinyl window industry and produces attractive and functional windows for both new construction and home remodeling projects.

[edit] Products

The CertainTeed window brand, now in partnership with MI Windows, offers a wide range of replacement window products including the BrynMawr III vinyl casement windows, awning windows, double-hung windows, slider windows, picture and transom windows, bay and bow windows and windows with unique architectural shapes. In addition the BrynMawr III line includes paintable/stainable pine window double hung windows.

CertainTeed/MI Windows second line of windows includes the Devon II vertical and horizontal sliding line of windows.

[edit] CertainTeed BrynMawr III Vertical Sliding Windows

The BrynMawr III vertical sliding double hung replacement windows offer a fully welded construction that creates a strong and durable sash and frame alongside the balanced channel covers that provides a stylish aesthetic window option. The beveled exterior edge creates the appearance of hand-crafted windows while the steel-reinforced meeting rails increase weather resistance.

Security is enhanced due to the BrynMawr III double hung window's dual night-vents. The sashes have spring-loaded tilt latches which allow the window to tilt in for easy cleaning along with a detent clip that prevents the top window sash from drifting. These elements allow the homeowner to easily close and lock the window. Both sashes of the BrynMawr III double hungs are exterior glazed and beveled to the glass to offer an attractive appearance. The recessed tilt latch ensures a clear and uncluttered view and the welded 5-degree true-sloped sill provides improved air and water performance. The design flexibility of the replacement BrynMawr III stainless steel balance system ensures trouble free operation as it applies a constant force to enable the window sashes to raise and lower easily. The sashes do not slide down after the homeowner positions them in place.

[edit] CertainTeed BrynMawr III Hinged Replacement Windows

The BrynMawr III hinged replacement windows include casement and awning windows. These windows allow the maximum amount of sunlight to stream into a room due to the windows' vinyl slim profile. These windows are fully operable for a full-room ventilation alternative. BrynMawr III windows are easy to open as the operating hardware requires little effort to use. The operating crank is geared down while the hinges easily bear the load of the frame and sash. The CertainTeed Windows BrynMawr III line of casement and awning replacement windows include a double-pane insulating glass unit that contains a low-conductance spacer which improves thermal performance and reduces condensation. Triple weather stripping blocks infiltration of water, air and dust while reducing noise penetration. The integral glazing system of the casement and awning BrynMawr III windows bonds the glass to the vinyl frame to create a weather-tight seal. Security is enhanced with the BrynMawr III multi-point lock that features an easy-to-reach lock handle for maximum protection. The lock draws the sash tightly and securely to the frame which also helps to provide a weather-tight sealing system. The operating handle is also located within easy reach and is geared down for easy use. Customers may choose to include an optional folding handle. The hardware attachment points of the BrynMawr III replacement casement and awning windows are double-walled for a secure mounting system. BrynMawr III replacement casement and awning windows present beveled exterior edges for an attractive vinyl window frame appearance. The frame is fully welded to create structural strength in both the frame and the sash.

[edit] CertainTeed BrynMawr III Horizontal Sliding Windows

The BrynMawr III horizontal sliding replacement windows, also called gliders, present a fully welded strong and durable replacement window option which offers optimum viewing area. The windows include both two- and three-lite sliders as well as vent styles which give homeowners expanded design options. The BrynMawr III gliders feature an attractive slim beveled vinyl profile edging which is appropriate to any home design.

The color-coordinated hardware of the CertainTeed BrynMawr III blends in with the clean lines of the gliders frame and sashes. When the window is closed and locked the sash cannot be removed from the exterior which provides enhanced security for the household. An integral pull rail makes it easy to operate the window from the inside of the house and the window's sash stop does not overlap when opened. The CertainTeed glider's operable sashes lift out to allow the homeowner to clean both sides of the window pane from inside the house.

Thermal performance is assured by the double-pane insulating glass units which include a low-conductance spacer to provide increased thermal efficiency while reducing condensation. The windows are also secured with double weather stripping which prevents air, water, dust and noise penetration.

[edit] CertainTeed BrynMawr III Picture and Transom Windows

CertainTeed's line of BrynMawr III replacement picture and transom windows can be installed on their own or installed as part of a window unit that includes both operating or non-operating windows. Fixed picture windows create a panorama view of the area while the fixed transom window provides more light and increased height within the window opening. Picture and transom windows are a cost-effective way to increase the amount of light that flows into a room.

Picture window and transom window options include transoms located above double hungs, a full wall of picture windows and transoms or transoms/ picture windows which flank operable windows.

[edit] CertainTeed BrynMawr III Bay and Bow Replacement Windows

The BrynMawr III line of replacement bay and bow windows bring sunlight and a new dimension into a room from both the interior and the exterior. Bay windows include three windows which are either fixed, operable or a combination thereof. They are installed in 30 - 45 degree angles to provide a spacious, light-filled area which offers enhanced architectural interest. BrynMawr III Bow replacement windows are four-window units which are created using either fixed or operable windows or a combination of the two to bring in maximum sunlight and create a spacious setting. The windows are installed in 15 - 30 degree angles. An interior wood seating area may be installed within the angles formed by BrynMawr III bay and bow windows for functionality and an attractive look. Bay and bow BrynMawr III windows may consist of double hung windows, casement windows or fixed picture windows. Transoms and awning windows may be included in the window design to increase light, ventilation or height.

[edit] CertainTeed BrynMawr III Special Architectural Shaped Windows

The BrynMawr special architectural shaped replacement windows may be installed singly or as part of a window unit in conjunction with an additional operating or fixed window. Special architectural window shapes by CertainTeed include full-arches, half-arches, triangles, full rounds, half rounds, quarter rounds, octagons and other unique geometric shapes.

[edit] CertainTeed BrynMawr III Paintable Sustainables

Bryn Mawr now offers an additional cost efficient replacement window option, the Paintable Sustainables, for homeowners who want to paint their own window interiors. The unfinished pine interior allows customers to choose their own paint or varnish to personalize their windows while still receiving the quality of a CertainTeed BrynMawr III window.

Paintable Sustainables come with a slide in fin or without any fin and can be ordered with or without a J-Channel.

[edit] CertainTeed Devon II Double Hung and Glider Windows

CertainTeed's line of Devon II double hung and glider replacement windows offers a quality thermal efficient window at a competitive price. The multi-chambered Devon II vertical and horizontal sliding window construction provides thermally efficient air pockets which are sealed using a spacer system for a reduction in energy costs. The insulating glass of the Devon II sliding windows also serves to reduce heating and cooling costs. A sloping sill design prevents any damage from being caused by interior water leakage and the windows have full weather stripping around the perimeter to prevent penetration of air, dust, water or noise. The windows are metal-reinforced for additional durability. . Devon II replacement double hung and glider windows have a forced entry resistant Cam Latch which meets all American Architectural Manufacturers Association requirements to provide the ultimate in home security. The sashes of the Devon II double hung and glider replacement windows easily remove for cleaning and a special detent clip secures the top sash in position when it's fully closed to prevent drifting. Devon II replacement windows feature a full lift rail that allows for easy lifting and lowering operations.

Devon II replacement gliding windows are available as two- and three-lite windows.

[edit] Colors

Exterior colors for CertainTeed replacement window frames include white, bronze and almond. Interior color options for CertainTeed windows include white, almond, colonial cherry and hillside oak.

Color options for CenterTeed window hardware include bright brass, brushed nickel and oil-rubbed bronze.

[edit] Energy Efficiency

Energy performance of CertainTeed/MI replacement windows is assured by the Thermaflect glazing system which includes a low-e coating which is applied on the window pane in the factory to reduce solar gain and, thereby, reduce energy costs. In addition, Thermaflect involves a warm-edge technology that combines honeycombed airspaces and fusion welding of the frame and sashes to keep the home comfortable while reducing heating and cooling needs. and energy efficient.

Additional elements that have made CertainTeed an Energy Star brand include a low-conductance material spacer placed between the two panes, an insulating frame and sash, continuous weather tight weather stripping, fusion-welded construction and integral glazing. These elements create a window which is almost 100% resistant to air and water penetration.

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