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Caesarea Arts
Caesarea Arts
Alice & Brian Bergner
An arts studio in Caesarea that produces modern jewelry and Judaica that is influenced by the local archeology and the ever present Mediterranean Sea.

Alice and Brian Bergner, the owners of Caesarea Arts, produce modern jewelry and Judaica that is heavily influenced by the presence of the sea and the surrounding landscape and archeology of Caesarea.


[edit] Caesarea Arts

Caesarea Arts is an arts studio workshop is owned by Alice and Brian Bergner. It is based in Caesarea, an important port in ancient times. The seaside location and the important archeological finds in the area are constant inspiration for the modern Judaica designed by this creative couple.

[edit] The Sea

Alice and Brian live and work close to the sea and experience its changing moods from every room of their home. Their Caesarea Arts studio also looks towards the sea and they spend many hours beach-combing the debris that the sea leaves on the shore. Sometimes they incorporate these found objects, especially glass, directly into unique jewelry; other times they just use them for inspiration to create new pieces. Not surprisingly the blue color of the sea, in its various shades, features in much of their jewelry and Judaica.

[edit] The Archeology

Aside from working in colored metals like aluminum which remind them of the sea, the Bergners also like to work in stone, inspired by the ancient ruins in the area. The Roman amphitheater and aqueduct nearby, together with the archeological sites still being unearthed, provide them with plenty of ideas, both in terms of shape and materials. Everything from the designs on ancient coins, to the shape of an ancient glass amphora, a type of bottle, have been incorporated in their pieces. Caesarea Arts combined the amphora shape with Jerusalem stone to create a unique type of mezuzah case and it proved so popular that the style has been adopted by other Judaica artists.

[edit] The Judaica

The Bergners produce modern Judaica for the Jewish home, enabling people to celebrate all phases of the Jewish year. Caesarea Arts’ challah knives and boards are used specifically for the Sabbath and other Festivals, while their candlesticks can be used by anyone who appreciates good design. They also produce a selection of corporate gift sets which can be personalized to suit both Jewish and non-Jewish organizations and businesses alike.

Buyers can go to Alice and Brian Bergner’s Caesarea Arts workshop studio in person, or can view their latest designs online.

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