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Anatoly Metlan
 Anatoly Metlan
1964, Yalta, Ukraine
Illustrative painter
Israeli artist inspired by the Impressionists, travels regularly to Southern France.

Anatoly Metlan is an artist that lives and works in Israel, while getting inspiration from the landscape of the Mediterranean coastal villages of southern France.

[edit] Background

Anatoly Metlan was born in 1964, in Yalta, in the Southern Ukraine. As a child he showed an interest in art which was encouraged by his art loving parents. Anatoly Metlan dabbled with paints and brushes and was initially interested in the Impressionists. Anatoly’s talent was recognized and he went to a high school which specialized in the arts. After finishing high school in 1985, Metlan went to “Krivoi Rog” University to further his art studies. While at university he started to exhibit his work and by 1989 Metlan's reputation was strong enough to enable his joining of the Ukraine Artists Guild. Shortly afterwards, in 1991, with the opening up of the Soviet Union, Anatoly Metlan took the opportunity to emigrate to Israel with his family.

[edit] Style

Anatoly Metlan enjoys painting scenic views of the countryside, the urban landscape, interiors and exteriors, and of course the sea. Metlan regularly travels to the south of France, especially Provence, to get inspiration from the landscape painted by the Impressionist painters that he admires. Many of Anatoly Metlan's paintings show homage to his favorite artists in different ways. Metlan’s paintings:- of cafés in squares and on corners, lanes leading somewhere out of the picture, are very appealing and evocative of the area. Metlan's harbors and sea views are also very reminiscent of the timeless romantic image of the Mediterranean coast that inspires so many painters. In addition to painting, Anatoly Metlan creates lithographs, and serigraphs prints of his work on paper, canvas and wood.

[edit] Exhibitions

Anatoly Metlan exhibits regularly in the United States, Europe and Israel, in both one-man shows and group exhibitions. Anatoly Metlan’s work can be found in galleries and online. He continues to live and work in Israel.

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