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Amerimax Windows
Block Glass Windows
Other Names:
Amerimax Replacement Windows
Colorado and California-based company which offers quality replacement windows.

Amerimax Windows are manufactured by Amerimax Building Products, Inc., a division of the Georgia-based Euramax International, Inc. It is a leading manufacturer of vinyl windows and other building products. Amerimax places emphasis on producing quality attractive replacement windows that are energy efficient. Amerimax has replacement window solutions for any window opening in a wide range of designs and styles.


[edit] Products

Amerimax Windows offers four different replacement window options, including the Masters Grande Series, the Craftsman Portrait Series, the Aristocrat Casement Series and Bays and Bows which present attractive window alternatives for any house.

[edit] Masters Grande Series

The Masters Grande Series is an Amerimax double operating replacement sash window which is available as either a double hung window or a horizontal sliding window. Sashes are removable, ensuring easy cleaning from inside the house. Master Grande replacement windows present a maximum viewing area along with aesthetic interior bevelled frames and sashes, sleek lines and slender profiles. Style and design alternative Masters Grande configurations include twin or triple double hung replacement windows which are set within a common frame.

[edit] Craftsman Portrait Series

The Amerimax Craftsman Portrait Series are replacement windows with a single operating sash which are available in a wide variety of combinations, styles and configurations. There are a number of frame options within the Craftsman Portrait Series including single hungs, single horizontal sliders, three section horizontal sliders and picture windows. These replacement windows are available in 18 optional special shapes as well as common frame configurations. Craftsman Portrait Series replacement windows are manufactured using a bevelled exterior master frame and a pocket sill design with triple weather-stripping to prevent water and air infiltration. The sliding window sash of a Craftsman Portrait window lifts out of its sash easily for convenient cleaning. The window's fusion welded sash and frame create a strong and durable window. The windows slide along easily on the brass rollers and include an interlocking system which utilizes structural metal reinforcement to protect the home from forced entry.

[edit] Aristocrat Casement Series

The Aristocrat Casement Series features one lite, two lite and three lite styles of casement windows as well as one lite awning and fixed lite picture windows. These windows are securely sealed with a tight weather seal to offer a strong and durable replacement window solution. The windows feature a heavy-duty 3 1/4” frame and a one touch multi-point locking system for security.

[edit] Bays and Bows

The Amerimax replacement bay and bow windows are custom-built to fit into many large window openings. They create a room's focal point by combining operating, non-operating or mix of operating and non-operating windows into a three-window or four-window formation. Bays and bows open up a room and bring in more light while expanding the view. Homeowners can custom-design the bay or bow replacement windows with 1 1/4" oak-stock head and seat boards. Amerimax bay and bow replacement windows may include center picture windows with flanking double hung or vented casement styles, center operating windows surrounded by picture windows or units containing all operating windows or all non-operating windows.

[edit] Coating

The AmeriCoat exterior color coating system offers customers their choice of framing colors for replacement windows. These paints protect the frame's exterior through the heat reflective pigment that minimizes heat gain. AmeriCoat meets all environmental standards. AmeriCoat colors include sandstone, evergreen, sage green, black, tile red, bronze, light bronze, gray, blue and brown. Homeowners can order their replacement window as a standard white or sandstone color or may special order the window in any of the other available Amerimax colors.

[edit] Glazing

Amerimax replacement windows contain the insulated Ameriglass glazing system which features a Low Emissivity (Low-E) coating and multi-panes separated by a structural foam spacer and an argon gas fill. This creates a dual sealed glass unit that provides a durable superior energy saving window solution that offers maximum UV protection, low thermal transmittance, reduced sound transmission and weather and condensation resistance. There is a lifetime warranty on Amerimax glazing.

[edit] Sizes and Shapes

The minimum width of Amerimax windows, including the Masters Grande Series, the Aristocrat Casement Series and the Craftsman Portrait Series replacement windows is 11" and the minimum height is 10". The maximum width of Amerimax replacement windows is 144" and the maximum height is 88". Within those boundaries homeowners can order dozens of standard-sized windows or may make a special order for a special size.

[edit] Custom Options

Custom options available with Amerimax replacement windows include patterned glass and the Amerimax UltraView HD Screens. The HD screens are made from an ultra fine fiber that has a tight weave which makes insect infiltration almost impossible, increases airflow and does not impede the view through the window. As the screen's fine weave blocks less of the view it reduces glare and reflection and increases airflow.

[edit] Energy Efficiency

Amerimax windows are Energy Star windows, indicating that they are recognized by the Environmental Protection Agency and U.S. Department of Energy as energy saving windows. The National Fenestration Ratings Council provides an assessment of windows' thermal insulation and weather resistance capabilities upon which the Energy Star is based.

The Energy Star seal measures several elements of a window's energy efficiency including how well the window prevents heat from escaping (the U-Factor), how well the window blocks heat gain (the Solar Heat Gain Coefficient -- SHGC), how much light comes through the window (Visible Transmittance -- VT) and how much outside air leaks into the home (Air Leakage -- AL).

[edit] Environmental Production

Amerimax is committed to energy conservation in its production of residential replacement windows. Their “Lean Manufacturing” program includes computer driven materials optimization which maximize the use of all components to reduce the amount of scrap produced in the manufacturing process. The process also ensures that the manufacturing process involves the consumption of fewer raw materials. Amerimax utilizes returnable steel shipping racks for vinyl and glass components to eliminate disposable cardboard and wood pallets and reusable corner shipping blocks for transporting completed windows to dealers. This manufacturer recycles all possible manufacturing scrap materials, office waste and obsolete equipment.

[edit] Warranty

Amerimax's limited lifetime warranty provides a guarantee to the window's frame and sash and guarantees the parts against blistering, pitting, rotting, corroding, flaking and peeling. The window's color is also guaranteed as are the window's moving parts including the locks, balances, keepers and screws. Amerimax provides a warranty on its hermetic seal and the insulating glass.

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