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Avner & Avia Agayof
A company that produces innovative contemporary Judaica items.

Over the last 40 years, the Agayof company in Jerusalem has produced some of the most innovative and creative modern Judaica available in the world today.


[edit] Avner Agayof

Avner Agayof is an innovative Israeli modern artist and designer, who has inspired countless artists with his contemporary Judaica. Based in Jerusalem, Avner Agayof has been the backbone of the Agayof company for the last 40 years. Together with his son Avia, they produce some of the most interesting and exciting Jewish ritual objects available today.

[edit] Puzzles

Working in colored anodized aluminium and other metals, the Agayofs produce a wide variety of intricate Judaica designs, many of which are also puzzles:- like their dreidel which turns into a menorah. These geometric puzzle designs are very appealing to children as they can play with them by folding and stacking them, even after the holiday is finished. Agayof’s products are not only very attractive but several are also designed to reduce in size when not in use, making them ideal for religious travelers to carry in their hand luggage.

[edit] The Anodizing Process

Putting a metal in a special electrolytic solution and passing an electric current through it,is called anodizing. This process enables aluminum to accept colored dyes and harden, which helps to prevent corrosion. Unlike silver, which can easily tarnish or get damaged, metal that has been anodized retains its color and just needs a gentle wash if it gets dirty. Titanium is another metal that can be anodized and the process itself enables titanium to change color without any need for dyes. Both anodized aluminum and titanium are ideal metals for creating contemporary modern artistic designs.

[edit] Agayof Judaica

By taking traditional ritual objects and giving them a completely contemporary look, Avner Agayof has brought Judaica into the 21st century. His designs, make ideal bar/bat mitzvah and wedding gifts. He is one of Israel’s best known Judaica artists, and his unique designs have found their way into museum exhibitions around the world, and are also available online.

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