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Zissil Terms and Conditions

We are always improving and adding content to our pages and it might be a better idea to simply link to our pages rather then copy updated content, this way your readers will always read the current version.

Copying Content on the Web

We allow reproduction of our content only on condition that the original Zissil page is linked to from the page containing the copied content. The link given must be a deep link to the exact page where the content was copied from. It mast also be a valid SEO link that does not have a rel="nofollow" or any other java snipit preventing search robots from crawling it.

After you have copied the content and put up our link you must inform us of this by emailing zissil@zissil.com.

We are very generous with reusing our content and it is very easy to follow the above terms and conditions. Anyone who copies our content without following the above terms and conditions will be severely prosecuted using all means at our disposal.

Copying Content in Print Media

To use any of the content found on Zissil.com off the web in print media, books, magazine and newspapers please contact us at zissil@zissil.com with your exact needs and we can probably work out an easy agreement.

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