Window Grilles

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Window Grilles
Window Grilles
Other Names:
Window Decorations
Metal, wood or vinyl designs clipped on or inserted in-between the panes of replacement windows.

Window grilles are an accepted enhancement for replacement windows. They are available in a wide range of materials, shapes, designs, colors, and sizes. Window grilles are often custom ordered and are inserted in-between the panes of double and triple glazed widows, making them a permanent part of the fixture. Clip-on window grilles are also available and can be added and taken off at will.


[edit] Grille Options

There are three grille options for replacement windows -- muntins, installed grilles and clip-on grilles.

[edit] Muntin Bars

Muntins are bars that separate and hold panes of glass in a window. They have the appearance of window grilles but actually create a multi lit window in which numerous separate glass panes are bonded together to form one large window. Muntin grilles are a more expensive than other types of grilles but enhance a window's security and safety by blocking the window to intruders and preventing the shattering of one big glass panel. They are not know to be energy efficient.

[edit] Installed Grilles

Any grille pattern can be installed within two panes of a double or triple pane window. These grilles are built in as part of the unit and are then sealed into the window frame. Installed grilles are a permanent feature of the window and do not hinder cleaning the window.

[edit] Clip On Grilles

Clip on grilles can be added to any window frame which is built to accommodate the clips which adhere to the window frame. Clip on grilles include one grille unit which is placed against the interior or exterior pane of a window where it clips into prepared holders to hold the grille in place. These grilles must be removed when cleaning the window. Metal clips can become rusty, necessitating periodic replacement of clips.

[edit] Window Shapes

Window grilles are appropriate for all window styles including operating and non operating windows. Grilles can be formed to accommodate special shape windows including different curves and angles to match elliptical, eyebrow, full arch head, full circle, half cord, half circle, full cord, octagon, partial arch head, half elliptical, partial chord, pentagon, quarter circle, trapezoid, springline, Isosceles triangle and right triangle shaped windows.

[edit] Grille Styles

There are numerous grille designs including geometric shapes, curves and combinations of the two. Some popular grille designs are rectangular shapes topped by a round arch for double hung or casement windows, large rectangular shapes framed by smaller rectangles, diamonds, rounded shapes, bars, sunbursts and even flowers and other elegant images. Grille styles are available as Colonial, Prairie, Cathedral, Elegant, Heritage, Diamond, Classic, Traditional, Victorian, Cottage, Oriel, Trellis and more.

[edit] Architectural Design

The decision regarding which type of grille to include in a window is often based on the architectural design of the room in which it will be installed.

[edit] Furniture

A room that includes an Art Deco theme may do well with geometric window grilles that has patterns such as squares, circles or bars. Ornate patterned grilles will better compliment a room that has classical furniture.

[edit] Window Type

Window types will also influence the type of grille that should be chosen. For instance, Divided Lite grilles, in which the grilles form squares, are suitable for French windows. Muntins, let in light but enhance security at the same time. If one pane breaks, the homeowner must only replace that one pane, rather than the whole window. Sunburst grilles are often used for curved special shape windows.

[edit] Materials

Grilles for replacement windows can be made of different materials.

[edit] Metal

Muntin grilles are generally formed using stainless steel or wrought iron. These materials are easily shaped and molded and are also sturdy and provide enhanced security while offering the decorative properties of the grilles. These grilles are especially appropriate for contemporary architectural designs and are frequently placed near balconies or fireplaces. Steel muntin grilles cannot be used for egress windows and should not be used in any window which may in an emergency, serve as a door.

[edit] Vinyl

Vinyl grilles are generally used for vinyl frame windows. They are inexpensive and durable but if they are exposed to sunlight, the color may fade.

[edit] Wood

Wood grilles are suitable for wood frame windows and wood clad windows. They must be installed within the window panes or as clip ons on the interior of the window to prevent weather damage.

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