Suede Tallit and Tefillin Bags

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Suede Tallis & Tefilin Bags
Suede Tallis & Tefilin Bags
Suede, faux-suede
Luxury, high-end
Suede or faux-suede give Tallis & Tefilin bags a high-end luxury look and are very soft and pliable.

Suede tallit and tefilin bags are created from a luxury high-end material making them very attractive luxurious high-end pouches for these Jewish religious articles. Artificial suede tallit and tefilin bags provide the same look and feel, yet are more stain resistant, come in a larger color selection and cost considerably less.


[edit] Suede Material

Suede is a form of leather created from the underside of the animal skin. It is very soft and pliable and has a nap or brushed feel. Suede tallit and tefillin bags are normally made from kosher animals like lamb or young goats, otherwise known as kids. Suede can also be made from cow or deer hide, or even a non-kosher animal like a pig but this would not be used for producing tallit or tefillin bags. Nubuck is similar to suede but it comes from the outside of the hide, rather than the inside, and has similar properties.

[edit] Durability

Because suede is very soft and frequently picks up dirt, it can easily get marked or stained, especially from liquids like water or wine. This means it is very important to keep a suede tallis bag in its plastic cover to prevent rain damage. Pre-treating suede with a special spray can help protect the bag from marks and water stains. This spray is usually available at shoe stores and should be applied prior to using the bag for the first time. Genuine suede will last a long time, but doesn’t always age uniformly, and it normally only comes in natural colors.

[edit] Artificial Suede

There are several types of artificial suede or faux-suede. It was invented in Japan in 1970 and is a type of microfiber made from polyester, which is treated to resemble suede. Advantages of choosing an artificial suede or ultrasuede tallis and tefilin bag is it has the look and feel of genuine suede with less disadvantages. Artificial suede bags are much more stain resistant than real suede and can easily be washed in the washing machine if they get dirty, something that is not an option with real suede.

Unlike genuine suede, ultrasuede comes in a variety of colors allowing for the creation of very attractive tallit and tefilin bags from this artificial fiber. Faux-suede is cheaper than the real thing, and of course many people prefer to buy products which are not made from animals. The only real disadvantage of faux-suede tallit and tefilin bags are that they do not last as long as the genuine article. For most people this is outweighed by its advantages, especially its cheaper price tag. Faux-suede often looks smarter which makes it a better choice for tallis and tefillin bags.

[edit] Styles & Designs

There are many suede and faux-suede tefilin and tallis bag styles and designs on the market. They can easily be personalized with the buyers name and unlike cloth tallit bags, they are less likely to get torn. Suede tefillin and tallis bags can be combined with leather and even have a carry handle incorporated into the design, making them suitable for the busy executive. Suede is associated with luxury, and since it is very difficult at first glance to tell the difference between suede and faux-suede, this synthetic fabric is also considered to be luxurious.

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