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Chavakuk HaNavi was a prophet during the era of Menashe king of Yehuda, living at the same time as Yoel and Nachum. His prophecies are recourded in the eighth book of the 'Tri Assar'. Chavakuk was the son of the Shunamit Woman who was barren until she received a blessing from the Prophet Elisha. In his childhood Chavakuk received a sunstroke and died. He was brought back to life by Elisha who implanted within him a new soul. During the seven years of famine that took place in the Kingdom of Yisroel, Chavakuk left the country with his mother. Upon receiving a revelation of the exile, Chavakuk drew a circle around himself and made an oath not to leave it until he was informed of its end. After getting the answer, Chavakuk issued an apology to Hashem that is called the 'Prayer of Chavakuk'.

[edit] Kever Chavakuk Hanavi

Chavakuk Hanavi is buried in Chakuk near the tomb of Rabbanue Bachya ben Asher. The exact location of the kever is argued between Gabbai and Kadmonanue.

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